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Anniversary Gift Meaning 

The meaning behind all the Anniversary Gifts is that as the years go by your love grows and each year's symbol is more valuable representing how much you have grown as a couple.

You start with your 1st Anniversary and the traditional symbol is paper. Paper needs looking after to stay strong just as your marriage does.

A few years later you will celebrate your 5th Anniversary and the traditional symbol is wood, more valuable than paper and wood shows the roots you have grown as a couple.

Each year your gift is more valuable that by the time you get to your 60th Anniversary you celebrate with diamonds. The strongest stone that is made by pressure. Just like a couple celebrating their Diamond Anniversary.

You can see all of the Anniversary Gift symbols here.

What Anniversary Gift Should You Buy?

What is a good Anniversary gift to buy your wife?

You will find gorgeous, romantic gifts for your lovely Wife here that you know she will love and that fit with your Anniversary symbol.

What can you buy your husband for your Anniversary?

You will find fantastic gifts for your Husband here that he will treasure forever and that fit this year's theme.

What Anniversary Gift can you buy your Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

There are beautiful Anniversary gifts for your Girlfriend or Boyfriend here to show how much you adore them.

What Anniversary Gifts should you give a Couple on their Anniversary?

Or if you are you looking for a gift for your favorite couple we have lots of gifts for

List of Anniversary Gifts By Year

Use the links below to find out the symbol and meaning of your Anniversary Gifts and lots of gift ideas that will fit with the theme.

Best Selling Anniversary Gifts 

Anniversary Gifts By Year Lists & Symbols

To help make your Anniversary Gift buying easier, there are a few gift lists that you can look at.

You can choose between the Traditional list, the Modern List, the Gemstone List and the Flower list. Plus there are also Anniversary colors too.

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Not sure which Anniversary list to use?

Well … it is completely up to you!

Check out all of the lists below to find the best gift for your love. You may find the perfect gift on the traditional list one year and then the next year on the modern list.

Mixing up your gifts is totally up to you.

Traditional Anniversary Gift List

Modern Anniversary Gift List

Anniversary Flower Gift List

Anniversary Gemstone List

Anniversary Colors by Year

What Are The Milestone Marriage Anniversary Years?

A milestone marriage Anniversary is a big Anniversary and although they are all important these are the ones that traditionally come with a big celebration.

  • They start with your 5th Anniversary 
  • and then your 10th Anniversary
  • Your 15th Anniversary
  • Your 20th Anniversary
  • Your 25th or Silver Anniversary
  • Your 30th or Pearl Anniversary
  • Then your 40th or Ruby Anniversary
  • Your 50th or Golden Anniversary
  • Your 60th or Diamond Anniversary
  • Your 65th Anniversary
  • Your 70th or Platinum Anniversary
  • Your 75th Anniversary 
  • Your 80th or Oak Anniversary
  • Your 90th or Slate or Stone Anniversary
  • Your 100th Anniversary 

As well as big milestone Anniversaries your 1st Anniversary is the most important because not only is this the one that will always remember it is the start of your celebrations of your marriage.

Celebrating your marriage helps keep your love alive, it gives you a moment in a busy year that you get to remember why you fell in love and why you love each other so much.

It's great to take this time to appreciate each other, have fun and show each other your commitment to your marriage and relationship.

Anniversary Party Ideas

On our site you will also find hundreds of ideas to help you celebrate with

Anniversary Gifts For All Budgets

In our Anniversary Gifts store we have gift ideas that fit with each year's Anniversary theme and also all budgets.

We have thoughtful Anniversary gifts that they will love which you can have engraved with your own Happy Anniversary message.

As well as fun gifts that will make them smile.

And extravagant gifts for the Anniversary that you want to make them feel super special.

New Anniversary Gifts

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