Corporate Anniversary Gifts By Year

Choosing your Corporate Anniversary Gifts by the theme of that year's Anniversary is a great way to create synergy with your company's marketing, PR, employee celebrations and customer satisfaction.

Because whatever the size of your organization, your company's Anniversary is a great opportunity to give back to your local community which will provide Free publicity and having a recognized theme to everything apart from just a number will really help.

It's also a really good idea to get your colleagues to come up with charities that are close to their heart so you know you are really helping organizations that you know will make a difference.

Most people know that the 50th Anniversary is celebrated with Gold and that the 25th Anniversary is celebrated with Silver but there are themes for all the other years too.

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Corporate anniversary Gift themes & Ideas

1st Anniversary gift Ideas

The 1st Anniversary is traditionally themed with Paper which is a big part of normal day to day company activities but you can still incorporate this theme with

  • Paper Gifts - branded notebooks, calendars, post-it notes, tickets to a concert, or travel tickets for customers and employees.
  • Giving back ideas - sponsor a local paper plane race, provide a local school or college with new books

2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your 2nd Anniversary is traditionally themed with cotton.

  • Corporate Cotton Gifts - branded t-shirts, hats, scarves, handkerchiefs
  • Giving back ideas - sponsor a local sports team's kit 

3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your 3rd Anniversary is traditionally celebrated with leather

  • Corporate Leather Gifts - branded wallet, purse, keyring, desk mat and desk tidy
  • Giving back ideas - an employee day at a local farm 

4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your 4th Anniversary is traditionally Linen

  • Corporate Linen Gifts - branded tote bags, cushions, seat pads
  • Giving back ideas - invest in a local Artist's artwork for your offices

5th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your 5th Anniversary is traditionally Wood

  • Corporate Wooden Gifts - branded chopping boards, wooden planters, wooden pens and pencils
  • Giving back ideas - plant a woodland, help a local organization create a beautiful garden.

6th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your 6th Anniversary is traditionally Candy or Iron

  • Corporate Candy Gifts - bags of candy for your employees and clients
  • Giving back ideas - an afternoon tea party for the children of your employees and customers with lots of cake and candy.

7th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your 7th Anniversary is traditionally celebrated with Copper and Wool

  • Corporate Wool Gifts - knitted teddies, blankets and branded beanie hats
  • Giving back ideas - donate knitted blankets to a local hospital or charity in need. If you don't have the staff who would like to do this you could donate wool to a charity that already does this. You could also run a  competition for someone to guess the amount of copper coins in a jar (of if your company makes bags or wheelbarrows or something that could be used to hold coins) - the winner wins the contents!

8th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your 8th Anniversary is traditionally celebrated with Bronze

  • Corporate Gifts - it's doubtful that you will want to gift a Bronze statue to customers and employees but for this gift theme you could use the color.
  • Giving back ideas - A Bronze statue for your local community of a local historical event

9th Anniversary Gifts

Your 9th Anniversary is traditionally celebrated with Pottery

  • Corporate Gifts - branded mugs, plates, cups.
  • Giving back ideas - Lots of small clubs, community cafes and homes will be very happy with new mugs, you could even include the coffee and tea.

10th anniversary Gifts

Corporate Anniversary Gift BasketsCorporate Anniversary Gift Baskets

Your 10th Anniversary is traditionally celebrated with Tin

  • Corporate Gifts - branded tin mug, branded glassware with a drink can to fit the theme
  • Giving back ideas - An organized camping trip for local children in need with all their own metal camping mug, plate etc for them to take home

15th Anniversary Gifts

Your 15th Anniversary is traditionally celebrated with Crystal

  • Corporate Gifts - branded crystal glassware, branded crystal paperweight
  • Giving back ideas - A charity black tie event to raise money for a local charity.

20th anniversary Gifts

Your 20th Anniversary is traditionally China

  • Corporate Gifts - branded china mugs, plates, cups
  • Giving back ideas - Invite local college kids that are interested in working in your industry to the office for a coffee, obviously in one of your new mugs!

25th, 30th, 40th, 45th & 50th Anniversary Gifts

Your 25th Anniversary is traditionally Silver

Your 30th Anniversary is traditionally Pearl

Your 40th Anniversary is traditionally Ruby

Your 45th Anniversary is traditionally Sapphire

Your 50th Anniversary is traditionally Gold

  • Corporate Gifts - probably won't be in the actual gift theme but colored to the theme works and branded items would be great.
  • Giving back ideas - these are big Anniversaries and one that you will want to spoil your employees for all their hard work and help to get you there, a party is always a good idea!
corporate anniversary party

Corporate Anniversary Gift Baskets

An Anniversary Gift Basket is a great gift idea for customers as well as employees, you can choose it to fit with your theme or you could choose a gift basket with all of your favorite goodies.

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