Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

traditiona wedding anniversay gifts

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts date back hundreds of years and they are probably the gift list that most of us hear about first.

It is common knowledge that 25 years is silver and 50 years is gold but when it gets to the more obscure years who knows?

There is something romantic about the traditional anniversary list as you really have to think hard about what you could buy or make. Plus what gift would fit with the theme that you know that they would love.

So to help you we have put together ideas for all of your traditional anniversaries, for your husband, your wife, your parents and your grandparents.

There are serious gifts and funny gifts, romantic gifts and even gifts for those that romance is just not their thing!

There are gifts that you could spend a fortune on and also ideas for homemade gifts.

In other words we have the best traditional gift ideas for everyone, have fun finding the perfect gift for you and the love of your life.

1st Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Your 1st will be memorable as it is your first, traditionally you celebrate with paper and as well as a card there are lots of ways to incorporate this into your celebrations.

More first wedding anniversary gift ideas here!

2nd Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas

2nd anniversary gift idea

Your 2nd Anniversary is Cotton or Straw! You will probably find it easier to find things to fit the cotton theme unless you are planning on splashing out on a beautiful thatch cottage or a more modest straw dolly. Pure cotton is a luxury and can mean anything from a cotton handkerchief to new bed linen.

You could even write a message on cotton, place it in a bottle and set it out to sea. If you put your name and address on it you may even find someone sends it back. Imagine if it floated for hundreds of miles, you could then promise a trip to where it was found. Remember this could end up being down the road!

Second Wedding Anniversary Meanings And Symbols

1nd wedding anniversary gift ideas
cotton anniversary gifts
traditional 2nd anniversary gift ideas
2nd anniversary gifts for your wife in cotton
2nd anniversary gift ideas for both of you
husband 2nd anniversary gift ideas

Third Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditionally your 3rd Anniversary is celebrated with leather and from the modern list your gift would be crystal. 

The gemstone for 3 years is the very wonderful moonstone which fits perfectly with the crystal theme too.

There are lots of Personalized leather Anniversary gifts available in our store.

3 year anniversary gifts for your wife
third wedding anniversary gift ideas in leather
husband 3rd wedding anniversary gifts
3rd year anniversary gift ideas
roomantic leather anniversary gifts
3rd Anniversary gifts from the gemstone list

Fourth Wedding Anniversary

With 4th Anniversaries you have quite a choice; fruit or flowers or linen.

You can organize flowers or a basket of fruit to be sent to their work, which is a great embarrassing but fun gesture, or you could celebrate in the evening with strawberries and Champagne. Linen could be a linen suit, one that definately needs to be taken away on holiday or shown off at a great restaurant! ;o)

There is also the gemstone list your 4th anniversary gemstone is Blue Topaz

traditional fourth anniversary gifts ideas
4 year anniversary gifts ideas
husband 4th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Fifth Year Anniversary Gifts

5th Anniversaries are wood, this can mean lots. From a weekend in a log cabin to a romantic walk in local woodlands. If are looking to impress you could buy your own woodland! Or there are some great funky wooden sculptures.

On the modern list your 5th is silverware and on the gemstone list it is Rose Quartz.

We have lots of personalized Wooden Anniversary gifts to buy in store.

Personalized photo frames, photo boxes, treasure chests, whiskey and wine barrels, wooden jewelry, jigsaw puzzles, pizza boards, chopping boards, heart shaped keyrings, adventure boxes and so much more.

Check out all of the ideas here.

romantic 5th anniversary gift ideas
inexpensive 5th anniversary gift ideas
5 year anniversary gifts bonsai trees
wife 5th wedding anniversary gifts
husband 5 year anniversary gift ideas
rose quartz 5 year wedding anniversary gift ideas
modern 5th wedding anniversary gift ideas

6th Wedding Anniversary

6th wedding anniversary is with sugar or iron. Not the steam iron variety, domestic appliances are not a romantic gift, ever!

This Iron Anniversary is the heavy black metal, maybe a new gate, or a fun candlestick.

Plus there is also the modern list where six years is celebrated with wooden gifts.

traditional 6th wedding anniversary gift ideas
6th wedding anniversary gift ideas in iron

7th Wedding Anniversary

7th Anniversary and traditionally the gifts are wool or copper, both lend themselves to great gifts. Wool could be you knitting a scarf or jumper to great woollen rugs from India or Turkey. Copper can be engravings or pictures and if you are a keen cook then copper pans are a luxury. The no domestic appliances rule can be broken here as cooking is a fun thing to do when you are cooking a romantic dinner for two.

Your 7th wedding anniversary from the modern list is celebrated with desk sets! Makes you think that the traditional list is a bit more romantic!

Lots of Personalized Copper and Wool Anniversary Gifts are available in store for your Seventh Anniversary.

Personalized copper moscow mule cups, woollen rugs, pens, photo frames for your desk and lots more.

Plus Desk Set gifts that can be customized with your own romantic message.

See all of the gifts here...

7th wedding anniversary gifts traditional in wool
copper anniversary gifts
fun 7th anniversary gifts

8th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional 8th Anniversary Gifts can be celebrated with Bronze which is fine if you want a new statue in the garden or are a collector of bronze coins. Have a look at our ideas for inspiration if you are not already into Bronze!

For ideas from the modern list for your 8th wedding anniversary you will be looking at linen or lace.

8th anniversay gift lists
Bronze anniversary gifts
bronze anniversary gift ideas
lace anniversary gifts
linen wedding anniversary gift ideas

9th Wedding Anniversary

Your 9th Anniversary, nearly into double figures and in this year celebrating with traditional wedding anniversary gifts of pottery is a must! You could visit one of the many famous potteries and have a go yourself, followed by a visit to the gift shop after. If a daytrip is not your thing how about starting to collect a beautiful dinner service or collector plates. A word of warning make sure it is something that you will be able to live with for years, as it would be horrible to not like the design anymore. If you have chosen wisely some of the items are great financial investments.

On the modern list your 9th is celebrated with leather.

Personalized pottery mugs, plates and vases are available to buy in our Gift store for your Ninth Anniversary.

Plus lots of personalized leather Anniversary gifts; bracelets, necklaces, photo frames, purses and many more.

See all of the gifts available to buy in store here ...

traditional 9th wedding anniversary gift ideas
modern 9th anniversary gifts

More Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year

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Check out the Traditional Anniversary Gifts List from your 1st to your 65th anniversary!

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts are fun to receive and it shows your love more than any other gift because sometimes they are just so tricky.

Take our 13th wedding anniversary which is lace not the easiest of gifts to buy a man, after much searching I found some great cufflinks that had a lace design on them as my gift.

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