Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
16th -19th Wedding Anniversaries

modern anniversary gift ideas
champagne to celebrate your anniversary

Check out the complete modern wedding anniversary gift list and you will find some great suggestions for your 16th to 19th anniversaries, which is a good thing as these years are not on the traditional list!

Thankfully in modern times we celebrate more!


  • 16th is celebrated with silver
  • 17th with furniture
  • 18th with porcelain
  • and your 19th with bronze

Plus there is also the gemstone list too, all of the symbols and gift ideas are below...

Your 16th anniversary is celebrated from the modern list with silver, something that you might normally associate with a 25th. We have put together some ideas for this young silver anniversary to help you find the perfect gift.

And your 16th anniversary is also celebrated on the gemstone anniversary list with Peridot.

Peridot has been popular for thousands of years and even Cleopatra is thought to have worn them. Napolean also bought Josephine Peridot as a symbol of undying love.

It is thought that wearing the stone will bring the wearer success, peace, good luck, lightness and beauty. Not bad for a yellow-green stone!

modern 16th anniversary gift ideas

If you are celebrating your 17th wedding anniversary the modern gift list suggests furniture! Whether you are looking for a new table or not we have put some alternative ideas for your 17th that still fit the theme.

There is also the gemstone anniversary list where your 17th anniversary is celebrated with Carnelian.

It is a reddish, orange stone and it has been used for thousands of years. 

modern 17th anniversary gift ideas

The Ancient Egyptians believed it protected in the afterlife it was known as Thet, Buddhists from China, India and Nepal made it into amulets as they believed it had powers of protection. It also appears in Hebrew and Hindu history. Folklore believe it gives your energy a boost and helps with a sense of humor - good qualities when it comes to 17 years of marriage!

Your 18th wedding anniversary is celebrated with porcelain, this doesn't have to be an old fashioned ornament, there are some great porcelain gifts.

Practical and decorative, plus ideas to suit all budgets, have a look at our suggestions.

Your 18th is also celebrated on the gemstone list with Chrysoprase.

modern 18th anniversary gifts
Chrysoprase ring - gemstone for 18th anniversary

Chrysoprase is a lovely deep apple green color and has been mistaken for imperial Jade in the past.

It's history dates back to the Romans, Ancient Greeks and Egyptians where it was used for jewelry.

It is said to bring hope and joy and quite a few other pleasures too.

Your 19th wedding anniversary is celebrated with Bronze, we have put together ideas from the traditional bronze garden statues to bronze colored gifts to help you find the best gift for you. 

Your 19th is also on the gemstone list with Aquamarine, a beautiful turquoise stone that is thought to protect you on water. Sailors would sleep with aquarmarine whilst at sea, and folklore believes that mermaids tails were made from Aquamarine. If you are planning on travelling over sea or a cruise for this anniversary you may want to take some with you!

modern 19th anniversary gifts

Bronze Anniversary Gift Ideas 

More Bronze Anniversary Gifts 

Have a great teenager anniversary, don't forget to let us know what you got up to via our contact page!

anniversary flowers

Origins of the Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift List

The Modern Anniversary Gift list was introduced to fill in the years that the traditional list had left out.

Traditionally there is a symbol for each year up to your 10th Anniversary and then after that it is every five years, so the modern list took over and stands alone from your 11th Anniversary all the way through.

Interestingly the modern symbols for the big milestone Anniversary gifts are the same as the traditional list.

Modern Anniversary Gift List By Year

Every year you are married has a modern gift symbol which we have listed below, along with links for gift ideas to help you find the perfect gift to fit with the theme.

  1. Your Modern 1st Anniversary Gift is clocks
  2. The Modern 2nd Anniversary Gift is china
  3. The Modern 3rd Anniversary Gift is crystal
  4. The Modern 4th Anniversary Gift is appliances 
  5. The Modern 5th Anniversary Gift is silverware
  6. The Modern 6th Anniversary Gift is wood
  7. The Modern 7th Anniversary Gift is a desk set
  8. The Modern 8th Anniversary Gift is linen or lace
  9. The Modern 9th Anniversary Gift is leather
  10. The Modern 10th Anniversary Gift is Diamonds
  11. The Modern 11th Anniversary Gift is fashion jewelry
  12. The Modern 12th Anniversary Gift is pearls
  13. The Modern 13th Anniversary Gift is textiles
  14. The Modern 14th Anniversary Gift is gold
  15. The Modern 15th Anniversary Gift is a watch
  16. The Modern 16th Anniversary Gift is silver
  17. The Modern 17th Anniversary Gift is Furniture
  18. The Modern 18th Anniversary Gift is porcelain
  19. The Modern 19th Anniversary Gift is bronze
  20. The Modern 20th Anniversary Gift is platinum
  21. The Modern 21st Anniversary Gift is brass
  22. The Modern 22nd Anniversary Gift is copper
  23. The Modern 23rd Anniversary Gift is silver plated gifts
  24. The Modern 24th Anniversary Gift is musical instruments
  25. The Modern 25th Anniversary Gift is silver
  26. The Modern 26th Anniversary Gift is pictures
  27. The Modern 27th Anniversary Gift is sculptures
  28. The Modern 28th Anniversary Gift is orchids
  29. The Modern 29th Anniversary Gift is Furniture
  30. The Modern 30th Anniversary Gift is Diamonds
  31. The Modern 31st Anniversary Gift is a Timepiece
  32. The Modern 32nd Anniversary Gift is a Car and Accessories
  33. The Modern 33rd Anniversary Gift is Amethyst
  34. The Modern 34th Anniversary Gift is Opal
  35. The Modern 35th Anniversary Gift is Jade
  36. The Modern 36th Anniversary Gift is Bone China
  37. The Modern 37th Anniversary Gift is Alabaster
  38. The Modern 38th Anniversary Gift is Tourmaline
  39. The Modern 39th Anniversary Gift is Lace
  40. The Modern 40th Anniversary Gift is Ruby
  41. The Modern 41st Anniversary Gift is Land
  42. The Modern 42nd Anniversary Gift is Home Gifts
  43. The Modern 43rd Anniversary Gift is Travel
  44. The Modern 44th Anniversary Gift is Gourmet
  45. The Modern 45th Anniversary Gift is Sapphires
  46. The Modern 46th Anniversary Gift is Poetry
  47. The Modern 47th Anniversary Gift is Books
  48. The Modern 48th Anniversary Gift is Optical Gifts
  49. The Modern 49th Anniversary Gift is Luxury Goods
  50. The Modern 50th Anniversary Gift is Gold

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