9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Lots of inspiration for your 9th Anniversary Gifts to fit all of the themes if you need help and are struggling for ideas.

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What Are The 9th Anniversary Gift Symbols?

A good starting point to decide on your gift is to look at the Anniversary Gift Lists to see the symbols and themes.

The traditional 9th wedding anniversary gifts are made from pottery.

Meaning of 9th Anniversary Symbol 

The meaning behind pottery as the symbol for nine years is that it is strong but at the same time needs to be looked after to ensure it doesn't break.

Using the symbol to think how much you both mean to each other and how you want to look after them is the perfect way to celebrate your Anniversary.

Pottery Anniversary Gift Ideas

The great thing about pottery is that it can be both practical with everyday mugs and plates, or ornamental - and there is nothing stopping you from having both.

And with it being your Anniversary a romantic gift makes it even more special.

You can do this by your favorite romantic quote on a mug or straight and to the point on how you love them millions.

Fun 9th Anniversary Mugs

What Do You Buy Your Wife For Your 9th Anniversary?

If you are looking for 9th Anniversary gifts that fit the theme then traditionally you are looking at pottery which can also be ceramic or porcelain.

If you are looking for a Modern 9th Anniversary Gift to fit the theme you will want a gift made from leather.

Ceramic Jewelry

When you think of pottery, jewelry is probably not what you think of first.

However this gorgeous handcrafted ceramic ring will hopefully change your mind!

This ring is beautifully crafted from silver with Oaxaca's black pottery ceramic.

This ceramic ring and lots of other handcrafted ceramic jewelry pieces are available at novica.com

There are lots of gorgeous ceramic jewelry to buy at Amazon, it is all so beautiful you may want to treat your wife to more than one!

Pottery Rose

A romantic way to incorporate pottery into your 9th anniversary gift is to send a pottery rose. You could even send a whole bouquet!

The great thing is they will last for ages and are a sweet reminder of 9 years together.

These roses are available from Just Paper Roses.

What Can You Buy Your Husband For Your 9th Anniversary?

If you are looking for a token 9th Anniversary Gift to fit with the theme you can't go wrong with a mug that you know he will love.

Both will be a fun gift and easy to pack in your luggage if you are heading off on an Anniversary Vacation.

If you are looking to follow the Modern Gift List then a leather gift fits the theme.

9th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples

See all of our Romantic Anniversary Mugs in store here...

  • As a romantic idea how about breakfast in bed, served with your anniversary gift of matching crockery. You can get fun designs with Mr and Mrs, or the 'World's Best Wife' and 'Worlds Best Husband'! Or you could be more sophisticated with classic tableware.
mr and mrs egg cups
  • You can't get more classic than Royal Doulton, they are described as the "quintessential British tableware" and as they are fit for Royalty it is worth a peek.
  • If you love finding a bargain and have found some great pieces on eBay and there are also some great vintage pottery pieces. 

A personalized pottery vase with your names and your Wedding Date fits the theme for your 9th Anniversary.

And you can add a bouquet of their favorite flowers to make it even more special.

Modern 9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Your 9th Anniversary Gift symbol is leather on the modern list, if you are following this list for your celebrations here are lots of gift ideas for you both.

Alternative Anniversary Gifts

You don't have to follow the gift lists for your Anniversary and instead look to shared fun times for inspiration

  • A map of where you First Met or where you were married
  • The front cover of the newspaper from your Wedding Day
  • The recipe for a Happy Marriage
  • An original newspaper from your Wedding Day
  • Personalized Jewelry engraved with your own message of love

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