Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband

It's that time of year when you find yourself looking for romantic anniversary gifts for your husband. 

Which, to be honest, for most of us this is not the easiest gift to buy - romance and the man in your life can be tricky when all they want is a new gadget or tool?!?

So, to help you out we have put together some great Anniversary gift ideas that fit with the symbol and theme for this year that he will love.

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Best Hubby Ever T-Shirt

Of course we are also well aware that you married Mr Perfect ;-)

And what better way to show everyone than by having his very own mug or t-shirt with just that.

This Best Hubby Ever t-shirt is available in our Anniversary Gifts store here.

anniversary gifts for husband

For some husbands this could be that sports car that they have always wanted! Sure, not everyone can afford to buy one of those, but if you could, how cool would that be? You can just imagine his face when he walked outside or into the garage and there it was with a big bow on top!

We can all dream, and for most of us that will be as close as we get to owning a super fast car, so rather than forgetting fast cars all together you could buy him an experience weekend where he would have the chance to drive super cars on a race track and then you can go for that romantic night away!

Another long lasting solution and the easy way to buy a car for your husband is to get a fantastic replica. You could always park that in the garage with the big bow!

Another idea is to buy them some space of their own! Nothing fancy but just a little place that they could have their football table, their beer cooler, and that comfy chair they love that you don't. We are talking their own shed, complete with their name on the door!

anniversary shed

You could even go one step further and have their very own home bar out there too! Make it yourself with old units and ask at local bars if they have any bar stuff that they no longer use that they would be willing to donate, again a sign on the door would finish it off! You can also get some amazing home bars that you probably wouldn't mind being in your house, just imagine the brownie points you would get for a gift like that!

Of course anniversary gifts that come complete are not for all men, some just love building! A flat pack for the shed or the home bar and you probably wouldn't see them for the rest of the week, just having your blessing for the project to go ahead will be enough of a gift for some.

What Anniversary Gift Do You Buy For The Man Who Has Everything?

Finding an anniversary present for the man in your life when they have everything they need can be difficult, but when they have everything they need it must be time to buy them the gifts that are fun!

Plus guys love these five classic Anniversary Gifts

Once In A Lifetime Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband

  • If you can afford the car that they have always wanted then wow and off you go to choose it in the color that you have always wanted! Well you will probably get the chance to have a go or at least sit in the passenger seat, so you might as well choose it in the color that you look best in! ;)
  • Or you could look at having a day's driving experience with Virgin Experience Days.
  • Also, if you have a fairly unlimited budget then a trip of a lifetime for a dream anniversary vacation would be another wow!

Of course if you are going to spend big money on the anniversary present for the man in your life you might want to discuss it with him, not because you need permission but you don't want to be buying an anniversary gift for your husband that is not quite what he wanted.

husband anniversary gift idea - car racing for the day

If your husband loves his car then a racing day would be his idea of heaven. You could join in and race together or you could nominate yourself as the official photographer! Either way you know he will love his day!

Or how about a romantic hot air balloon trip?

If that's not exciting enough for your man then how about being a fighter pilot for the day or Indy car racing!

More  experience ideas for men at Virgin here.

Love Coupons For Him

Love coupons are a great anniversary gift and one that you can both enjoy.

You can personalize your own books here and have lots of fun designing your characters!

As well as love coupons you could also look to design your own love book, telling your very own romantic story.

Have fun!

Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband By Year

For the rest of us who have a more limited budget one idea we could look at is a more fun anniversary present for the man in your life. It could be a shared private joke or a gift that brings back a memory from a fun time or there are those anniversary gifts that everyone would find amusing.

You can incorporate the wedding anniversary gifts lists into your anniversary present, here are some ideas that won't break the bank but will fit with the theme.

  • Your 1st anniversary is celebrated traditionally with paper and you could have a caricature commissioned.
  • Your 2nd anniversary is cotton and you could have a funny t-shirt made up with an appropriate slogan.
  • Your 3rd anniversary is leather and a fun anniversary present for the man in your life will depend on your sense of humor! It could be lederhosen or some kinky leather gift!
  • Your 4th anniversary is linen and you could paint your own canvas.
  • Your 5th anniversary is wood and a new sharing platter board which you could fill with all the treats he loves.
  • Your 6th anniversary is iron and a new bbq fork or spatula are always well received.
  • Your 7th is copper and a personalized metal love token is cute
  • Your 8th is bronze and you can fill a jar with hundreds of bronze coins.
  • Your 9th anniversary is celebrated with pottery and you could buy Mr and Mrs mugs or Head Gardener and Head Gardener's Assistant mugs!
  • Your 10th anniversary is tin or aluminum and you could have a fill a cute tin with his favorite candy.
  • Your 11th anniversary is steel and this could steel jewelry or an engraved steel beer mug.
  • Your 12th anniversary is silk and this could be a silk tie or something a bit sexier
  • Your 13th anniversary is lace which almost follows along the lines of gifts for your 12th!
  • Your 14th anniversary is traditionally ivory, we have more sustainable gift ideas here.
  • Your 15th anniversary is traditionally crystal, this could be a crystal glass and a gorgeous bottle of wine for you both to enjoy.
  • Your 20th anniversary is traditionally china and this could be a trip to your nearest China Town.
  • Your 25th anniversary is silver and this could be silver cufflinks or a silver watch, or chain.
  • Your 30th anniversary is pearl and mother of pearl is great for a gift for your husband and is used to decorate photo frames or cufflinks.
  • Your 40th anniversary is ruby, which could be a vintage bottle of ruby port or a 40th anniversary hamper filled with his favorite things.
  • Your 50th anniversary is gold and this could be gold jewelry, gold cufflinks, a gold pen, a gold photo frame or a Golden Anniversary gift basket.

Choosing your anniversary presents using the anniversary gift lists is much more personal and means so much more than just a generic silly anniversary gift, below you will find anniversary gifts that are available at the moment. There are anniversary gifts to wear, ones for their hobbies and gifts for you both to enjoy!

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