The Best Anniversary Cufflinks

Anniversary cuff links are the perfect gift for your husband, they are something that he can wear every day or keep for special occasions, knowing that they have secret messages and love from you.

They make a great gift for your man and add a touch of style and love to his shirt, lots to choose from in our unique collection.


These cufflinks are engraved with the coordinates of your favorite place.

  • Where you met
  • Where you were engaged
  • Where you live


The ultimate love note cufflinks are engraved with his initials and then you can write your own love note to hide inside.

Super romantic!


Personalize the wooden cufflinks with his initials.

Perfect for your 5th Anniversary which is traditionally celebrated with wood.


The classic silver cufflinks are engraved with his initials.

Perfect for your 25th Anniversary.


Your 21st Anniversary is celebrated with brass.

These cufflinks are customized with his initials.


Wedding Date cufflinks are a great gift for a groom but also perfect for your husband on your Anniversary.


Pearl Cufflinks for your 30th Anniversary and engraved with his initials.


Personalized Wooden Map Cufflinks with your favorite places or your home States, Island or Country.


Cufflinks to match your Anniversary year.

Secret Love Note Cufflinks

secret love note cufflinksLove Note Cufflinks

One of the most popular gifts to buy in our store are the Secret Message Cufflinks.

These silver plated cufflinks are mini envelopes and then in each one you can add your own engraved love note.

Anniversary Year Cufflinks

anniversary year cufflinksAnniversary Year Cufflinks

If you are not sure what to get your husband this year for your anniversary you could make sure he doesn't forget which year you are celebrating!

These would look great if you are celebrating a big anniversary with a party.

These Anniversary Year Cufflinks can be a combination of two numbers;

  • the year you met
  • your anniversary year
  • or both of your's lucky number

Personalized Cufflinks

engraved initial brass cuff links

Personalized Brass Cufflinks for your 21st anniversary.

silver initial cufflinks

Personalized Silver Plated Cufflinks look great for every year and even more perfect for your 25th.

Anniversary cufflinks for your man are a great gift and one that you know he will treasure, you may have bought him a set for your Wedding Day and these will add to his collection and maybe more wearable.

We deliver Anniversary Gifts to USA & UK, Europe, Australia

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