Romantic Anniversary Gift Ideas

We all need a bit of romance in our lives and when it comes to your anniversary this is a definite must! The best romantic anniversary gift idea is one that has meaning behind it. This is why choosing your anniversary gifts by year is a great way to add meaning to your gift.

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It can be as simple as a paper heart made by origami for your 1st anniversary or a more expensive and beautiful sapphire ring for your 45th anniversary.

  • Thinking about the person that you are giving your gift to is also important!

Shared memories are also romantic and incorporating those into your gift would be perfect. It could be that you choose to return to where you proposed for dinner and to give your anniversary ring.

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Romantic Gifts For Every Year

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To help you choose the best anniversary gift here are romantic ideas for each year of marriage.

  • 1st  is paper - learn origami and create a beautiful gift, or write 365 post it love notes and stick them everywhere.
  • 2nd is cotton - sew I Love You onto their pillow! Find a vintage t-shirt of a band that you both loved to see.
  • 3rd is leather - leather luggage and a weekend away! A leather passport holder or wallet with tickets to see a show you have always wanted to see.
  • 4th is linen - new bedsheets with rose petals scattered all over the bed - just like in luxury hotels!
  • 5th is wood - a wooden love spoon, or a chest filled with love notes.
  • 6th is sugar or iron - a gift basket filled with their favorite candy or make their favorite dessert. Iron could be an iron candlestick with a candlelit dinner for two.
  • 7th is wool or copper. You could knit them something! Or a woollen picnic rug and a romantic picnic just the two of you.
  • 8th is bronze - a stunning bronze sculpture.
  • 9th is pottery - paint a mug just for them or a dinner set and cook them dinner.
  • 10th is tin - make a tin candle holder from a tin can, go camping with a tin of beans! Your 10th anniversary on the modern list is celebrated with diamonds!
  • 11th is steel and you can get some great steel jewellery.
  • 12th is silk - silk sheets or a silk robe and breakfast in bed!
  • 13th is lace - lace underwear? Or a trip to where they make lace
  • 14th is ivory - go with the color and have an ivory hammock or an amazing vacation to Africa or India where you can see the elephants wearing their ivory.
  • 15th is crystal - anything sparkly would be great.
  • 20th is china - chopsticks and the best Chinese in town! Or a china ornament that you know they will love.
  • 25th is silver - this could be a silver frame with a lovely photo of the two of you.
  • 30th is pearl - from mother of pearl for the men to pearl jewellery for your wife, this is old fashioned glamor!
  • 35th is jade or coral, both are very prescious, you could look at a diving trip to see one of the great coral reefs.
  • 40th is ruby - ruby red wine from the year you were married, a great big ruby ring! A huge painted red ruby heart on your wall!
  • 45th is sapphire - there are lots of sapphire jewellery and beautiful blue glass objects that would be a great romantic gift.
  • 50th is gold - that has to be a party! And maybe a renewal of your wedding vows.

Romance For A Happy Marriage

Read about the Five Languages of Love for a Happy Marriage

Romantic gifts don't just have to be on your anniversary, showing your love for each other throughout the year is even more important.

  • Love Notes
  • Love Texts through the day
  • Their favorite candy or flowers or cookies
  • Finding a copy of an old book they loved or some music that you know they would enjoy
  • Planning days out together, just the two of you.
  • For some couples giving gifts is their language of love and it is what makes their marriage perfect for them.

Personalized Romantic Anniversary Gifts

These are very special personalized gifts that will be unique to the two of you and will be loved by them for many years...

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