21 Most Romantic 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

You want your 1st wedding anniversary to be special, it's the first of many so you want it to be good! 

We have put together more than 21 of the best romantic paper anniversary gifts to make you wow the socks off of each other.


Personalized Love Story Canvas with your names and dates of when and where you met, were engaged and were married,

anniversary journal greyWedding Anniversary Journal

Available on Amazon here

Your own Personalized Anniversary Journal to save all of your favorite memories of the two of you.


Romantic personalized canvas with the bible quote, I have found the one whom my soul loves.


The front page from your wedding day as a jigsaw puzzle.

See what else was going on in the world!


Your favorite place on a wall clock for you to enjoy every day.

It could be where you met or where you were married.


Are you from two different States?

Show how your love has brought you together with this personalized canvas.


Where you first met as a jigsaw puzzle.

This would be fun to frame after you have completed it!


Your wedding date is important and means everything to both of you.

Show it off with this beautiful necklace.


All of your favorite 1st year photos in this fun photo box. Space inside to keep all of your souvenirs too.

Romantic 1st Anniversary Gifts

21 First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Here are some gorgeous ways to create treasures for years to come;

1.Your Own Love Story

personalized love story

With your 1st anniversary being paper a book is a great gift and your very own love story in a book is perfect.

Have all of your favorite memories collated together and professionally bound for you.

They have had made it super simple and will deliver almost anywhere in the world.

More details...

2. Personalized Anniversary Love Coupons

personalized love coupons

Make your own personalized love coupon book.

Perfect gift that will last all year.

You get to choose what the coupons are and create your own cartoon images, absolutely brilliant.

More information here.

3. 1st Anniversary Roses Made From Paper

Roses are always romantic and therefore a rose made from paper for your 1st anniversary has to be the most romantic flower there is!

This one is from Just Paper Roses and there are lots more to choose from.

There are also roses with your own photograph on, life like paper roses, or origami orchids.

See all the choices here ...

4. Box Of Chocolates

Chocolat Gift Box

We know that your 1st anniversary is paper and ok we may be stretching the definition... But a box is made of paper! And these chocolates do come in a very stylish box.

Plus you can personalize the gift ribbon to make this gift even more special. 

Did we mention how absolutely gorgeous these chocolates are? They are the kind that melt in the mouth mmmm and we have no photos to share of us enjoying them as they never last long enough. Sorry!

5. 1st Anniversary Picture Gifts

1st wedding anniversary canvas

Your 1st wedding anniversary gifts are traditionally celebrated with paper and if you haven't managed to get your photos printed or put in an album then now would be a really good time, before you get tied up in all sorts of other stuff that marriage brings!

If you love your wedding photos so much you could have your favorite printed onto canvas, a reminder of your special day.

1st anniversary gift

You could also have a sketch or painting from your wedding day, a popular trend at the moment is to have your wedding dress sketched or you could have your bouquet or an original painting of the two of you.

Or you could have this fun caricature of the two of you. All you need to do is email them a photo that you would like to have turned into a photo.

6. Paper Jewelry

Paper jewelry is a great way to fit the theme of your 1st Anniversary with a wonderful gift.

The paper has been treated and varnished so it will last for ages, plus it looks beautiful too.

You can find stunning paper jewelry on

  • amazon
  • etsy
  • novica
  • and also have a look at instagram too with all of the small businesses as you will be bound to find something unusual.

7. Message In A Bottle

message in a bottle

How about this for super romantic?

Write your very own personalised message to your gorgeous wife.

If you wanted you could then put it out to sea and see if it comes back to you.

You may want to throw your bottle when you are both together and then wait to see if it comes back to you!

8. Message On A Balloon

This is kind of like sending a message in a bottle but instead you let your messages float away, up into the sky.

We sent our balloon message from the UK and it landed in a farm in Holland, very kindly they sent the note back to us (via airmail) and added their own Happy Anniversary message, which made it even more perfect.

If you don't fancy sending your message up and away, how about tying your own love notes to lots of helium balloons and have them above your bed?

anniversary love note on a balloon

9. Tickets

Tickets are a great way to enjoy a romantic anniversary, enjoying spending time together and having fun seeing what you want to see.

Just love these cufflinks and they are so perfect for your husband's 1st anniversary as you can add your own secret love note.

What would you write?

I Love You ...

Happy Anniversary Gorgeous Husband ...

Or your own special message.

These cufflinks are available to personalize and buy in our Anniversary Gifts store here

11. Print Your Own Love Coupons

printable anniversary checks

Print your own anniversary checks using our free template and add anything you want...

  • romantic night in
  • visits to your favorite places
  • breakfast in bed.

Your turn to choose :)

12. Books

  • Books - check out the best sellers on Amazon at the moment.
  • A year's subscription to their favorite magazine
  • 13. Why I Love You Journal

    Why I Love You: A Journal of You Both

    This would be a beautiful gift to receive and also to write. Such a lovely way to write the story of the two of you.

    14. Tell The World It Is Your 1st Anniversary

    Add an announcement in your local paper or if you are feeling extravagant how about adding it to one of the big national papers?

    You will find the announcements normally in the back of the paper and there will be the contact details too.

    This would be a sweet addition to cut out and add to your anniversary memory book.

    15. 365 Post It Notes

    365 post it notes on the car for 1st anniversary

    Get ready with your post it notes and cover your home and maybe even their car with 365 reasons why you love being Mr and Mrs.

    365 is one for every day you have been married.

    16. Your Very Own Day

    Did you know you can apply to have your very own day registered?

    You could have your wedding anniversary as your official day, registered in the United States. How cute is that! When you have secured your date you will receive your certificate, which would make a pretty unique gift.

    Find out how to apply for your day here.

    17. Have A 1st Wedding Anniversary Picnic

    A picnic complete with paper plates would definitely fit this traditional theme. You could even have an indoors picnic and enjoy spending time together.

    18. Start A Photo Tradition

    Start a lovely 1st anniversary tradition by having a photo of the two of you holding your wedding photo.

    Then next year you could have the two of you holding your 1st anniversary photo and so on.

    Or you could theme your photo each year, this is us acting out one of our favorite paintings!

    19. Create Your Own Anniversary Memory Book

    Create your own anniversary memory book. It could be filled with your memories from your 1st year of marriage or you could look at adding a new page each year with the highlights from the past year.

    20. Write Your Own Love Poem

    Now we know this could be a tough one, writing poetry is not everyone's strong point!

    Thankfully we have a number of anniversary poems that have been sent in by our visitors and they are very talented. Hopefully you will find just what you are looking for.

    21. Have A Song Written About Your Love

    Don't worry if you are not musical you can still have a song written about the two of you.

    There are a number of musicians that offer this and you can find them on twitter or fiverr. They may not be the best song you have ever heard, but in a way that kind of makes it more romantic as you know that you will both love it!

    Alternative 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

    1st wedding anniversary gift ideas
    • Other fun stuff to do on your first anniversary would be to watch your wedding video and maybe even dance again to your first dance.
    • You could also have your wedding meal all over again, the one that you probably didn't get to enjoy as you were so busy enjoying the day! This could mean a trip back to your wedding venue or you could surprise your other half by cooking it yourself or have fun recreating it together.
    • And if you are going to get your dancing shoes on and cook a great meal why not invite a few friends round and have a party! It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, infact you probably want a more chilled day after all the excitement of the past year.
    • And how about renewing your wedding vows? This does not mean another big celebration like your wedding, it could be just the two of you in your favorite place in the world saying the same vows you said a year ago. You could add extra bits to your vows and start a lovely traditional that is just for the two of you.
    • If you didn't manage to have the wedding you wanted due to any number of reasons; military, financial or family issues, then if you can now why not celebrate in style!

    Have fun celebrating your marriage and enjoy your first one together.

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