15 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Choosing the best 15 year Wedding Gift is a lot more fun when you find ideas that fit with this year's theme and as it is a milestone Anniversary you will find lots of inspiration from all of the gift lists.

What Are the 15th Anniversary Gift Symbols?

  • The traditional 15 year wedding anniversary gift is crystal, a truly beautiful gift and one that is full of romance and love.

  • There is also the modern list, with your 15th anniversary gift is a watch - practical and romantic at the same time.

15th Anniversary Gift Inspiration

From great jewelry to an alternative crystal gift we have come up with thoughtful gift ideas to help you find your perfect present.

Here you will find 

Your 15th Anniversary is a special occasion, it's a big Anniversary and a milestone to celebrate. 15 Years is good amount of time to know that you are great together. 

What Is The Meaning Behind the 15th Anniversary Symbol?

  • The meaning behind the 15th Anniversary Symbol of crystal is the strength and beauty of the two of you, plus the crystal clear understanding of each other.
15th wedding anniversary gift shop

Shop Crystal Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Engraved Crystal Champagne Glasses

engraved crystal anniversary glasses

Engraved Crystal Champagne glasses are a great way to toast and celebrate 15 years of marriage.

These are personalized with your last name and your 

  • Mr & Mrs
  • Mrs & Mrs
  • or Mr & Mr

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The champagne flutes are beautiful.  Due to the pandemic I was not able to celebrate in person with my parents. My parents sent me a photo of the flutes. Customer service for this store is great- they reached out to me to see if I had any questions or comments about my order. Thank you very much for this lovely store!  Jacqueline

Personalized Crystal Decanter

personalized crystal decanter set

A personalized Whisky Decanter set with two matching glasses is a stylish 15th Anniversary gift that fits with the theme and one that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Personalized with your name.

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Crystal Anniversary Clock

crystal anniversary clock

The Crystal Anniversary Clock is a classic gift that fits with the theme and is timeless. It fits perfectly with the theme and will also look great in your home.

Engraved with your names and Wedding Date.

Buy now in our Anniversary Gifts store

Engraved Crystal Photo Album

Add a sparkle to your 15th Anniversary photos with an engraved Crystal Photo album.

There is space in the front cover for you to add your favorite photo of the two of you, with your names and date engraved on the front.

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It's a lovely way to look back over the last 15 years and add your favorite photos for you both to enjoy.

Crystal Anniversary Photo Frame

Mark your 15th Anniversary with a great photo of the two of you in an engraved Crystal Photo Frame.

Buy now in our Anniversary Gifts store

Having your favorite photo of the two of you in such an impressive photo frame looks amazing and when you look at it you will be reminded of your first 15 years of marriage.

15 Year Anniversary Gifts of Memories

Your 15th Anniversary is a milestone Anniversary and one that you can look back over the past fifteen years and realise the fun you have had and still have to come.

It's time to celebrate how great the two of you are together.

Anniversary Journal

custom anniversary journal

Your very own Anniversary Journal filled with memories from all of your last 15 Anniversaries and ones still to come.

It comes in white with silver writing or burgundy with gold, and is embossed on the front cover with both of your names and Wedding Date.

There are spaces to add photos and write memories, it is a lovely thoughtful gift you can enjoy together and that will get better through time.

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Couple's Photo Box

Customized with your names and space inside to store lots more photos as well as spaces to add your favorite photos for everyone to see.

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If you are giving this as a gift to your Husband or Wife you could fill it with romantic love messages, maybe 15 of them which would be one for every year. This creates a perfect romantic gift.

Framed Front Page from your Wedding Day 15 Years Ago

A reprint of the front cover from your Wedding Day 15 years ago makes a great Anniversary Gift and it looks great hanging up on your wall at home.

You and guests to your home will love to have a look at what was happening on the day, you are bound to find people stopping a while to have a good read.

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You can have lots of fun choosing a 15 year Wedding Anniversary Gift as there are lots of gift ideas to suit all styles and personalities which can be customized for your love.

Romantic 15 Year Crystal Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

When you are looking for a good gift to buy your wife for your 15th Wedding Anniversary you will want one that fits with the theme.

These stunning crystal anniversary jewelry pieces are beautifully romantic and fit with the traditional gift of crystals.

All are available to buy in store

15th Anniversary Gift Reviews

  • Wife was surprised. Alan M
  • Excellent Product I look forward to purchasing from your company in the future. Richard 
  • Very happy about the gift and very good price. Savvas S
  • Was A Big Hit This made my wife very happy. Donald M


  • It was beautiful and my wife loved it Sandra C
  • Simply put, the wife loved it! James L

15 Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband

When you are looking for a 15th Anniversary Gift for your Husband you will want one that fits with the theme.

Whether it is in the form of crystal for a Traditional Gift or a Watch from the modern list.

Our gifts below will help inspire you to find the perfect gift.


Looks great!! My husband loved it!  Amy O.

Only issue is on your advertisement that this is a "man" cave anniversary gift. My wife is an Irish and Scottish Whiskey lover. This should be promoted to both genders. Product came as requested in excellent shape with a quick delivery time. John L

More 15 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

15th anniversary gifts for your wife
15th anniversary gifts for your husband
crystal annversary gifts
modern 15th anniversary gifts

When you think about traditional crystal you may conjure up an image of cute ornaments and heavy glassware but glass and crystal manufacturers also have some great modern pieces.

You can find funky modern glassware, we have fallen in love many times with beautiful Champagne flutes, these are investments and treasures to look after for many years. Worth buying from a manufacturer that will be able to replace the odd accident, or buy more than you need if your budget allows. We are saving up for ours!

15th Anniversary Crystal Rose

crystal anniversary roses

A clever way to add crystal into your gift is your very own crystal flower or bouquet.

A flower that lasts forever would be a great reminder of your 15th anniversary years from now.

Crystal Anniversary Gifts For Couples

With the symbol of your 15th Anniversary being crystal these very beautiful crystal collectibles make a gorgeous gift that will be treasured.

See the crystal roses from Swarovski here.

Plus there are lots of very cute Swarovski figurines available on Amazon here. There are so many different designs that you are bound to find something that they will love.

It could be a crystal figurine of the same breed as their beloved dog or car, it could be something to do with their shared passion of sports or hobby.

The hard part will be choosing which one you think they will love more!

Alternative Crystal Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • Crystal jewelry is very popular, Swarovski has made putting crystals on nearly everything the height of fashion and fun.
  • For those of you into alternative therapies you could buy a gift of a crystal therapy or invest in a quartz crystal. They all have different uses and could be a fun new interest for you both.
  • If you like to be more subtle then think about buying the stick-on crystals, you can then decorate your own gifts with these. Or add them onto your clothes for a sparkly night out!

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