33rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your 33rd Wedding Anniversary is a special occasion and one to be celebrated in style.

This year's modern alternative gift symbol is the stunningly beautiful Amethyst with all it's rich purple colors. It doesn't have a traditional gift symbol as the traditional list goes from your 30th straight to your 35th.

33rd Anniversary Symbol and Meaning 

Gift symbol: Amethyst

Color: Purple

Although your 33rd Anniversary doesn't have a traditional symbol the Amethyst stone is a very traditional gift and one that has been gifted for hundreds of years.

Meaning: The literal meaning of Amethyst comes from the Ancient Greek word amethystos meaning not intoxicated, probably not quite the celebration meaning you are used to in previous Anniversary years! After 33 years of marriage this beautiful stone represents calmness and being grounded.

The Romans believed that the Amethyst represented fidelity which represents the commitment and strength you both have to each other a wonderful symbol for a wonderful marriage.

Gifts of Amethyst are beautiful, a prized gift as far back as the Ancient Egyptians and even Cleopatra is meant to have worn a ring made of Amethyst.

33rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for your Wife

Knowing that one of the most famous Queens of the Ancient world prized the Amethyst stone you know that your wife will love Amethysts for her gift.

Amethyst Forget Me Not Silver Bracelet

silver amethyst bracelet

This delicate silver and amethyst bracelet is beautiful and is personalized with your wife's initial. Decorated with a silver flower, leaf and amethyst charms it makes a perfect gift for your wife.

Available to buy in our Anniversary Gifts store here

Personalized Two Hearts Necklace

The two hearts necklace comes in silver and gold and is engraved with both of your names and there is a choice of gemstones. 

You can choose to have both of your birthstones or for your 33rd Anniversary you could choose to have both of the hearts to have Amethysts instead. The Amethyst is the February birthstone so please choose this for your necklace if you would prefer.

Your two hearts together forever just like the two of you.

Silver Double Heart necklace is available to buy here

And the Gold Double Heart necklace is available to buy here

More Amethyst Jewelry

Alternative 33rd Anniversary Gifts for your Wife

As well as Amethyst jewelry you could also look to the stunning purple colors for inspiration for your gift.

  • Purple scarf
  • Purple leather purse with a cute metal Anniversary love token
  • Purple glasses with a bottle of red wine
  • Purple sunglasses with a vacation ;)
  • Purple photo frame with your favorite photo of the two of you
  • Purple dishes and a romantic dinner for two at home

33rd Anniversary Gifts for your Husband

The best 33rd Anniversary gift you can buy for your husband that fits with the theme is either one that is made from Amethysts or is purple in color.

Amethyst Gift Ideas for your Husband

The Amethyst stone is perfect for

  • Tie Pins at Amazon
  • Cufflinks
  • Earrings
  • A statement ring
  • A paperweight or bookend 
  • A wine goblet - the Greeks used to think that a wine goblet made from Amethyst would stop a person getting drunk, it's probably more to do with how much wine goes into the goblet rather than what it is made of.

Purple Color 33rd Anniversary Gifts

As well as actual Amethyst you could also look at a purple gift and just as the Amethyst stone has lots of different shades from a pale lilac through to a deep regal purple so can your gifts.

Gift ideas could be;

  • A purple waistcoat
  • A Lilac Shirt
  • A purple sweater
  • A purple hoodie
  • A purple leather wallet
  • A fun pair of purple socks
  • A purple case
  • A purple photo frame or album with your favorite photos from the last 33 years.
  • A purple flowering plant for your garden
  • Purple wine glasses
  • Purple glass decanter
  • A vintage bottle of red wine or port has the classic purple color too
  • A purple Best Husband Ever t-shirt

best hubby ever t shirt in purple

Obviously you have the Best Hubby Ever and this purple t-shirt makes it so that everyone knows!

Available to buy in our Anniversary Gifts Store here

Number 33 Gifts

The number 33 is considered to be a powerful Angel number, with a duplication of three and is meant to provide the energy of balance, creativity and communication.

These are all powerful traits to celebrate a wedding anniversary with.

You can group your gifts together in threes or spoil them with 33 gifts wrapped in purple paper.

Homemade 33rd Anniversary Gifts

As well as wrapping all of your Anniversary gifts in purple paper there are other ways to include the theme.

  • A purple themed Anniversary Gift basket is one that you can find lots of purple themed treats and this is more to do with the packaging than the actual contents. See if you can find a purple basket and then tie it all up with a big purple bow.
  • Bake a purple cake
  • Make purple jelly - think berries
  • Knit or crochet a purple blanket
  • Make a purple macrame pot holder
  • Paint a pot purple and plant it with a gorgeous purple flowering plant. There are lots of ideas for purple flowers in the parents gift section below.
  • Paint a purple flower or even more in keeping would be an amethyst
  • Frame your favorite wedding photo of the two of you with a purple frame
  • Decorate coffee mugs or an Anniversary plate with 33rd Anniversary wishes in purple
  • Embroider a purple flower or both of your names and wedding date onto a towel or handkerchief
  • Cook dinner for the two of you and decorate the table with purple linen and flowers
  • Buy or make a purple notebook or photo album and fill it with your favorite 33 photos from the last year of the two of you
  • Fill a jar with purple candy
  • Organize a red wine tasting either at home or if you are lucky enough to have a vineyard nearby you could visit them.
  • Create your very own purple color cocktail which will normally have berries to give the color.
  • Grow your own berries at home or this could be the gift so they can grow berries for you. Even better if they are for the cocktails!

33rd Anniversary Gifts For Parents

When it comes to finding the perfect Anniversary gift for your parents you may want to look more to the color purple (great movie too) rather than actual Amethysts.

  1. A purple photo frame with your favorite photo of the two of them or a photo of the whole family.
  2. A large piece of Amethyst that they can use as a paperweight or a book end or just to look gorgeous.
  3. A purple painting
  4. Purple glassware - a set of purple wine glasses or tumblers
  5. Purple dinner set 
  6. Purple coffee mugs
  7. Any Purple homewares, especially if they have been looking for a new item for their home.
  8. Matching purple linen robes
  9. A purple themed gift basket, most gift basket companies create their baskets themed to a color so you should be able to find one to send quite easily.
  10. Floral gifts and a bouquet of beautiful purple flowers
  11. A purple flowering plant or tree for their backyard, all of these are stunning: 
  • Japanese Azalea
  • Buddleia
  • Fuchsia
  • Rhododendron
  • Hydrangea
  • Wisteria
  • Hebe
  • Lilac
  • Lavender
  • Magnolia

33rd Anniversary Vacation Ideas For Couples

Another way to use the 33rd Anniversary symbol in your gift and celebrate your 33rd year of marriage is with a very fabulous vacation.

Amethysts are found in;

  • Brazil - where you could explore the Amazon rainforest, Rio de Janeiro with the incredible statue of Jesus, the gemstone site at Wanda, glorious beaches and lots of sunshine
  • Canada - where you could enjoy a romantic trip to the Niagra Falls, explore the wilderness and a romantic night in a log cabin, take a scenic train journey and discover Amethysts in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
  • India - where you can wonder at the beauty of the Taj Mahal, explore Kashmir known as Heaven on Earth, relax on the beaches of Goa and find Amethysts in Southern India.
  • Madagascar - perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and where you can see some of the most incredible wildlife, explore the rainforest and go diving with White Sharks if you are feeling adventurous
  • Namibia - where you can enjoy a Safari to see some of the most incredible wildlife, they have the largest population of black Rhinos in the world, there are also beautiful sandy beaches to relax and also you can explore the Brandberg region where most of the Amethysts are mined.
  • USA - if you are looking for a closer to home Anniversary vacation deposits of Amethysts have been found in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Maine. 
  • Uruguay - where you can explore on horse-back or relax on a wine tour, as well as enjoy the beaches and a trip to Artigas for some of the most beautiful Amethysts in the world.
  • and Zambia - which is the largest miner of Amethysts in the world. Here you can go on a romantic safari, take a trip to the Victoria Falls and bathe in the Devil's pool which looks as if you will go over the edge - one of those once in a lifetime experience! 

The Amethysts in these countries are protected so you can't just go and pick up your own stones, instead a great way to get the most of your Anniversary vacation is to explore the beauty of these countries and if you are lucky buy an Amethyst gift while you are there.

It's time to make lots of Happy Moments.

Wishing you a very Happy 33rd Anniversary!

33rd Anniversary Party Ideas

33rd anniversary party ideas

If you are looking to theme your 33rd Anniversary party you can use the color purple for your invitations, decorations and maybe even what you wear. There are some very gorgeous purple dresses at the moment, as well as purple shirts, ties and even suits.

The beauty of using purple for your theme is that it goes so well for both a formal party and also an informal get together.

33rd Anniversary Cards

If you need a free printable Anniversary card, we have lots to choose from here. 

What is the modern gift for a 33rd wedding anniversary?

The modern gift for a 33rd wedding anniversary is the gift of a theme park or a day trip to an amusement park.

What is the flower for a 33rd wedding anniversary?

The flower for a 33rd wedding anniversary is the begonia.

What are some sentimental gift ideas for a 33rd wedding anniversary?

Some sentimental gift ideas for a 33rd wedding anniversary include creating a scrapbook of your memories together, giving a personalized piece of jewelry with amethyst, or having a portrait painted of the two of you.

How do I make my 33rd wedding anniversary special?

You can make your 33rd wedding anniversary special by doing something you both enjoy, such as taking a trip or enjoying a special dinner together. Additionally, exchanging sentimental gifts or renewing your wedding vows.

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