26th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

What do you get someone celebrating 26 years of marriage, especially after the excitement of last year's Anniversary was?

Well thankfully there is the modern Anniversary list, which has Pictures as the symbol and since a picture is worth a thousand words this is a great place to start to find the perfect gift.

You could look to personalize a beautifully romantic picture to show your love just how much they mean to you.

Or you could look to buy

  • a print of their favorite artist, maybe even an original painting!
  • a painting of their pet
  • a painting of your home you have shared

Of course it doesn't have to be a painting it could be a framed photograph.

You could arrange a family get together and have a photographer capture all of the special moments then turn them into a photobook.

You could also contact all of their friends and family and have them send you their favorite photos of the two of them. Just think what a fantastic album of memories that would be!

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