Ten Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Lots of Ten Year Wedding Anniversary Gift inspiration to help you find the perfect gift to fit with the theme.

Ten years married is a great reason to celebrate, it is your first big milestone Anniversary and traditionally you would celebrate with tin or aluminum.

But before you think - tin what kind of gift is that for ten years? Don't panic we have found lots of fantastic tin gift ideas for you.

What is the symbol for the 10th Anniversary Gift?

10th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Here you will find

10th Anniversary Gifts For Him

What is the best 10th Anniversary Gift for your Husband to fit with the theme?

The best is one that you know he will love and that shows your love for him

Engraved Wine Stopper

The engraved wine stopper has "I stopped looking when I found you" and your own words engraved on the top. It's a lovely romantic gift for your wine lover husband.

Available to buy in store

Engraved Metal Beer Mug 

The personalized Beer Mug looks like it is made from aluminum and can be engraved with his name and your Wedding Date.

Available to buy in store

10th anniversary shop

Where First Met Jigsaw Puzzle

Visit where you first met with your own personalized map jigsaw puzzle.

Available to buy in store

Your Initials Engraved Into a Tree

couples personalized wall art

Super cute canvas print with both of your names etched on to the tree.

Available to buy in store

10th Anniversary Gifts For Her

What should you buy your wife on your 10th Anniversary?

The best 10th Anniversary gift will be one that reminds her of your love and that she will treasure for years to come.

Here are lots of gorgeous gift ideas for inspiration.

Couple's Engraved Heart Necklace

couples engraved two heart necklace

Both of your hearts entwined with both of your birth stones.

Available to buy in store

Personalized Silver Rose

silver 10th anniversary rose

Your own Personalized Silver Rose, engraved with her initials.

Available to buy in store

10th Anniversary Diamonds

Diamonds are the 10th Anniversary symbol on the modern list.

Ten Diamond Necklace

Gorgeous Ten Diamond Gold Heart necklace, it fits the Anniversary theme perfectly with a diamond for every year.

Plus it comes in an engraved gift box with your Happy Anniversary message.

This is a gorgeous and luxurious gift that will be treasured.

Available to buy in store.

Solitaire Diamond Necklace

solitaire diamond necklace

A traditional solitaire Diamond necklace is a classic 10th Anniversary Gift.

Engraved with your own Happy Anniversary message on the gift box.

This is a gift that will be treasured and adored for it's timeless qualities.

Available to buy in store.

Ruby and Diamond Heart Necklace

A beautiful Ruby and Diamond Heart necklace that is truly stunning and your wife will love.

This is a statement necklace that everyone will see how much you love her.

Available to buy in store.

10th Anniversary Gifts For Couples

Modern 10th Anniversary Gifts

The modern 10th Anniversary gift is leather on some lists, if you add your personalization it makes even more special.

Traditional Ten Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Tin as a gift is nothing if not practical!

"My Mom joked about wrapping up tins of beans as our gift, and to be honest I really thought that was what we were getting. Instead we got a great new iron casserole pan - something to warm the beans up in!"

Modern Ten Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Diamond Eternity Ring

Your 10th Anniversary is celebrated with diamonds on the modern list.

A classic gift for your wife this anniversary would be a very beautiful diamond eternity ring.

Your love is eternal.

And there are lots of other 10th Anniversary band styles here.

 What is the 10th Anniversary Symbol?

Check out the meaning behind all of the symbols and fun quotes in our 10th anniversary guide.

If tin is not really your thing and you are thinking of a gift with a bit more sparkle then you are in luck as your 10th anniversary can also be your diamond.

On other modern anniversary gift lists your 10th is celebrated with leather. Again, an exciting gift and one that you can have lots of fun with!

But just in case husbands had forgotten your ten year anniversary present can also be diamonds. Wasn't sure if I shouted that loud enough before ;o)

10th Anniversary Gift Meanings

Ten years is your first big milestone Anniversary and although it may only feel like yesterday you were getting married it is a chance to reflect on how far you have both come together.

The traditional 10th anniversary gift of aluminum shows how well you are preserving your marriage and by looking after each other and your love it keeps your relationship fresh.

Diamonds on the modern list show how you can create beauty under pressure and they represent love and faithfulness. Perfect qualities for a long and happy marriage.

Green Tourmaline on the gemstone list protects and draws money and revitalises your joy in life.

Daffodils are one of the first flowers of Spring and bring joy, the yellow daffodils symbolize strength, hope and rebirth. 

Ten Year Anniversary Party Ideas

10 years needs to be celebrated in style, whether it is just the two of you and a romantic dinner at home or a big full on party you will have a great time.

10th anniversary party decorating ideas
  • A note of caution, in ten years there will be a lot of extra small guests and you may need to include some child friendly party options.

"Our cat was born on our wedding day so we told our children that it was Elsie's tenth birthday party much easier to understand when you are three!"

"...and basically we invited everyone! Which made it a fun family party, our children had their own bar set up in the garden with juice and popcorn. The grown ups bar was out of their reach!"

"In the end we didn't go with a full on theme for our party, it was enough to think about feeding everyone and making sure it was a fun party! Instead we looked back to our wedding day photos for the invitation and had lots of fun photos of everyone from the last 10 years as our party decorations."

  • The kind of party that you choose will completely depend on you and the group of friends that you invite. 
  • It could be held at home or you could have a dinner in a nice restaurant or even hire a hall if there are lots of you. 
  • The great thing about your tenth is that it is your first major wedding anniversary but it can still be relaxed and informal. 
  • You could keep it small and intimate with a dinner party, one couple we know served the same menu as at their wedding which was fun.

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