Modern 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas 

Modern 10th wedding anniversary gifts in leather
  • 10th wedding anniversary gift ideas on some modern anniversary lists are celebrated with leather.
  • On other modern lists ten years is celebrated with diamonds.
  • And on the traditional list the gift for your 10th is tin or aluminum.
  • The meaning of the traditional gift of tin for your 10th anniversary is that it is a symbol of the strength of your marriage.

We have put together some more unusual and romantic leather anniversary gift ideas for you;

Shop Leather 10th Anniversary Gifts 

Romantic Leather Gifts

One very beautiful way to incorporate leather into your gift is this lovely leather rose, or you could even send an aluminum rose if you were feeling more traditional.

Both are available from JustPaperRoses

  • Leather anniversary gifts are practical and are also seen on the traditional anniversary list on your 3rd anniversary, so if there is a gift that you missed out on 7 years ago then now is your chance.
  • Leather could mean a new leather sofa if anyone asks what you would like - donations to your new sofa fund would be a possible gift option as it is unlikely that anyone will buy it for you!
  • Handbags, belts, wallets and purses are a great gift as they are used every day, but don't forget to add a little love note or maybe have the purse personalized with their initials or the date of your wedding.
  • Although shoes are generally made from leather it is probably not the thing to buy unless they have requested it and give you the style and size, the same goes for leather trousers.
  • For those that love to write in journals you could get a leather bound book with a beautiful pen. This also works for avid readers - leather bound books of their favorite author or book and complete sets of classic books, or an atlas would be perfect. You could also put together a photobook from the last 10 years.
  • For those with a sense of adventure you could get leather driving gloves and the chance to drive a racing car.

Travel Ideas

10th anniversary themed vacation

For those of you that love to travel you can get leather passport covers and travel wallets and you could put tickets for a romantic getaway!

However it is not all about leather, it can also be about aluminum and that is not just about a tin of beans! 10th anniversary travel ideas could be to go to the countries that tin is mined. And according to Wikipedia that could be a number of places; China, Malaysia, Peru, Indonesia, Brazil, Bolivia, Russia, Thailand, Australia, and Britain are the main ones. Cornwall in Britain hasn't been a major tin producer since the 19th Century but it is such a beautiful place to visit we sneaked it back on the list!

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