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Pearl Anniversary Gifts 

pearl anniversary gift ideas

Pearl anniversary gifts are the traditional way to celebrate a 30th wedding anniversary and after 30 years of marriage you want something that bit special.

As well as traditional pearls, you could also dazzle the love of your life with diamonds from the modern list.

Plus we have also looked for ways to theme your gifts without a pearl or diamond in sight.

Have a very Happy 30th Anniversary.

Pearl Anniversary Gifts To Buy

30th Anniversary Gifts

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30th Wedding Anniversary Symbols

Why Pearls?

pearl anniversary gifts

Natural pearls are formed by oysters or other mollusks, it happens when an object (irritant) gets lodged into their shell, they will secrete a substance called nacre over the object to protect themselves and the layers build up to form what we know as a pearl. Natural pearls are very rare and it is more likely that you will find cultured ones, these are made the same way but the irritant is placed in the shell manually.

Mother of pearl is also made by mollusks and it is the same nacre that has been secreted inside the shell to protect their bodies. Mother of pearl can show lots of great colors and again lends itself beautifully for decoration and gifts.

Gifts for men are more likely to be in mother of pearl and you can find watches, photo frames, trinket boxes and cufflinks.

Mother of pearl also makes stunning jewelry worth having a look at if you want something more contemporary.

Modern Gift Ideas

modern 30 year anniversary gifts
diamond 30th anniversary
unusual 30th anniversary gifts

Party Ideas

30th wedding anniversary decorations
30th anniversary party ideas
30th anniversary invitations

If you are planning a party we have lots of ideas for themes.

Find Your Perfect Anniversary Gift
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