Parent's 60th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

60th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents and Grandparents


The front page of the newspaper from the day they were married in 1958 would make a great gift.

And one that they can enjoy together, then frame after.


Toast 60 years of married bliss with engraved toasting flutes.

Personalized with their names and their wedding date and an Anniversary message.


A photo box personalized with their names and their favorite photos from the past 60 years.

There is space inside to fill with candy, maybe 60 Hershey kisses.

Traditionally a 60th Anniversary is celebrated with diamonds and these beautiful crystal gifts sparkle just like a diamond. 

Crystal gifts have long been a traditional Anniversary Gift and one that your parents and grandparents will appreciate for it's timeless beauty.


This personalized Family Tree canvas shows all of you together with the 60th Anniversary couple as the start of your journey together.


This Personalized Family Tree pillow would look great on their couch. 

Together with their favorite people.


An Anniversary Keepsake Box is a treasure of memories.

Personalized with their names and their Wedding Date and then filled with souvenirs from the past 60 years.


Diamonds are the symbol for this Anniversary and this photo album is a sparkling reminder!

Personalized with their names and you can fill it with their favorite photos, or photos from their celebration.


This newspaper book has copies of the front covers of the newspaper from the day that they were married and every Anniversary after.


An authentic copy of the newspaper from the day they were married in 1958 gives them a real piece of History and they will have fun reading the articles from the day their Wedding Day.

60th Wedding Anniversary Gift Baskets

60th anniversary gift ideas
grandparents 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas
60th anniversary gifts for parents
  • Bouquets of flowers can include sparkling gems on wire that look just like diamonds, plus there are a number of flowers that have been named diamond anniversary; Diamond Rose and Diamond Anniversary Marigold to name two.
  • England's Queen and Prince Phillip celebrated their diamond anniversary recently and you can arrange for a congratulations telegram from the Queen, if you live in the United States then you can receive a greeting from the White House. Both you will need to apply for.
  • How to apply for a 60th Wedding Anniversary letter from the Queen or the President.
  • As celebrating 60 years married is all about the happy times, you could put together a small film with still photographs, set to music that you could present to them. Here is one below, for you to get ideas.

  • If they enjoy music then you can buy compilation albums full of music from specific years or a Neil Diamond cd or even Marilyn Monroe's Diamond Collection.
  • However you choose to celebrate, don't forget the Champagne, you could personalise their Champagne flutes to add to the celebrations.

A lot of Diamond Anniversary couples find that they would prefer to have donations to their favorite charity rather than gifts, if you are having a 60th anniversary party then you could have a wishing well in the room with all donations going to charity.

60th Anniversary Party Ideas

When you have been married for 60 years a party is a definate must, even if it is a small get together with family you will want to have a fun time.

We have lots of ideas for your party!

60th anniversary party decorations
60th wedding anniversary party ideas

Meaning of Diamonds as the 60th Wedding Anniversary Symbol

The word diamond comes from the Ancient Greek word Adamas which means long lasting and unconquerable, which shows that the Diamond is the perfect symbol for celebrating 60 years of marriage. It represents that a couple's love is unconquerable and enduring.

Many also believe that the fire in a Diamond represents the constant flame of love. the fire in a Diamond is the rainbow you see when the light hits one of the faces of the diamond. Then again a Diamond's beauty alone makes it a worthwhile symbol of sixty years of marriage.

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