Wedding Anniversary Colors And Symbols

Anniversary colors cover all of the rainbow and they come from the colors of the traditional Anniversary List.

The big milestone traditional Anniversary colors are classics

  • Gold for your 50th
  • Silver for your 25th
  • Ruby for your 40th
  • Pearl for your 30th

But every year has it's special color and using them as part of your celebrations, in your gifts and cards gives them a bit of pizzazz and sparkle.

Plus every Anniversary year has it's own symbol and meaning behind each gift.

Use our Anniversary chart below to find out what color your year is and have fun. 

anniversary colors by year

What Are The Anniversary Colors By Year?

1st is traditionally paper and most us think of white as the main paper color. You could decorate your room with lots of paper tissue flowers.

Your 2nd is cotton and again white is the predominant color. This could be a print of your favorite wedding photo on a canvas or a smart linen suit.

The 3rd  is traditionally leather and your color could bebrown or black. This could be a leather wallet with a photo of the two of you, or a leather photo frame and even a leather luggage set for your anniversary vacation!

Your 4th is celebrated with fruit and flowers so the anniversary color needs to be as natural as possible and Green is a good choice. This could be emeralds or jade or a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Your 5th traditionally is wood and shades of brown have to be the color of choice. If you are having an anniversary party it could be a natural themed party and it would be perfect of you could hold your party outdoors.

The 6th is a traditional gift of sugar but a bag of sugar may not go down to well as your anniversary gift. Unless you are going to bake something yummy with it! The color can only be white (again).White roses, pearls, and lace are other gift ideas that may be more acceptable.

Your 7th  is copper, and that is a great anniversary color. You could go with the bright new shiny copper or choose the green copper that has been aged outdoors.

Your 8th is Bronze just like in the traditional list. You can get some beautiful bronze ornaments and jewelry that would make lovely anniversary gifts.

The 9th  is pottery and in its most natural form that has to be Terracotta and you could take this anniversary color as it is by finding a pretty terracotta pot and filling it with flowers or extra hot chillis if your husband is not into flowers!

Your 10th is celebrated with tin and that makes the color Silver. This is a great anniversary to celebrate with a party and you could have some fantastic modern silver decorations. Or you could make lanterns from old tin cans.

The 11th  is celebrated with steel and again that makes for the color silver, but more of an industrial color than before.

Your 12th  is celebrated with silk and the natural color of silk is a pearl white, but you could use the vibrant colors of silk scarves as your decorations if you are planning a party. It could be a riot of color! Your gifts could be anything in silk.

The 13th  is traditionally celebrated with lace and again that is White but a more traditional white. Decorations for a party could incorporate lace into the theme.

The 14th is Ivory and you have guessed it that has to mean more white!

Your 15th is celebrated with crystals and although there are many colors of crystals why not choose your favorite. The ruby quartz is said to be the stone of love in marriage and it is a lovely pink color. It is also said that if you keep rose quartz under your pillow it helps you look younger!

For your 16th you need to look at the modern anniversary list and here it is celebrated with Silver which is a great color to use for your celebrations.

17th is celebrated from the modern list with furniture which doesn't really conjure up any color. However on the gemstone anniversary list you celebrate with Carnelian which is a reddish brown color and it is a lovely strong color to celebrate 17 years together.

Your 18th is celebrated with porcelain or on the gemstone list with Chrysoprase which is an amazing apple-green color.

Your 19th is Bronze which is a fantastic color.

Your 20th is celebrated with china which could mean white or you could go with the strong Chinese red color that they use at celebrations.

The 25th is Silver, it can't really be anything else!

Your 30th is celebrated with pearls and this could be the natural white pearl or the multi colored mother of pearl, which would be a green/blue.

The 35th is Coral which as a color is a beautiful pink/orange.

Your 40th is Ruby and that has to be the anniversary color of Ruby Red!

The 45th is Sapphire and that is a stunning dark blue.

Your 50th is celebrated with Gold on every list!

The 55th is traditionally celebrated with Emeraldsand that can only mean Green.

Your 60th is diamonds and that can be White and a very sparkly one too!

The 65th is celebrated with diamonds or a star sapphire which is a beautiful Blue.

Your 70th and 75th are also celebrated diamonds and on the modern anniversary list it is Platinum. Another year for a brilliant white color!

These are our suggestions for anniversary colors, you could also have a look at the traditional anniversary list and the modern list, plus for a wide range of colors why not have a look at the gemstone list and find out the meanings behind each year.

Anniversary Color Guide

Anniversary Year

Anniversary Color

1st Anniversary


2nd Anniversary


3rd Anniversary

Brown or Black

4th Anniversary


5th Anniversary


6th Anniversary


7th Anniversary

Orange or Copper

8th Anniversary


9th Anniversary


10th Anniversary


11th Anniversary


12th Anniversary

Pearl White

13th Anniversary


14th Anniversary


15th Anniversary


16th Anniversary


17th Anniversary


18th Anniversary

Apple Green

19th Anniversary


20th Anniversary


25th Anniversary


30th Anniversary

Pearl White

35th Anniversary


40th Anniversary

Ruby Red

45th Anniversary

Sapphire Blue

50th Anniversary


55th Anniversary

Emerald Green

60th Anniversary


65th Anniversary


70th Anniversary


Alternatives To The Anniversary Colors

The Anniversary color that is right for you both may be a combination of the colors associated with each anniversary year and also colors that you love.

Colors that you both love could be the colors you chose for your wedding or colors that evoke emotions.

  • Red: Often associated with passion, love, energy, and sometimes danger. Red is often used for love, a dozen red roses are a very traditional bouquet for your love on your Anniversary, Birthday, Valentines or just because.
  • Blue: Represents calmness, serenity, and stability. 
  • Green: Symbolizes nature, growth, and freshness. 
  • Yellow: Often linked to happiness, warmth, and energy. 
  • Purple: Associated with luxury, royalty, and sophistication.
  • Orange: Represents enthusiasm, creativity, and energy.
  • Black: Symbolizes power, elegance, and mystery. 
  • White: Represents purity, innocence, and cleanliness. It's also associated with simplicity.
  • Pink: Often linked to sweetness, love, and femininity.
  • Brown: Represents stability, reliability, and earthiness.

You can also choose your Anniversary colors because you love them. Colors after all follow trends, just think this year's Pantene Color may be perfect or you may want to reminisce to a time when you first met. 

How Would You Use This Year's Anniversary Colors?

This year's Anniversary colors are perfect for helping you to choose the colors for your

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