Anniversary Gift Cards

Anniversary gift cards are the perfect present if you are not sure what to buy and this way they can choose exactly what they want.

Plus if there is something large and expensive that they would like then they could ask for Gift Cards from the same store from lots of their friends and family!

There is quite a bit of choice when it comes to choosing which gift card to send.

If it is a young married couple they may love a practical gift card for items for the home, an older married couple would love a treat; a hotel stay, a cruise or even a vacation. To be fair so would a younger couple but they probably still need items for their home!

If there are lots of you sending an Anniversary gift then a more expensive gift card is possible.

Top 10 Anniversary Gift Cards

1. For complete ease the number 1 Gift card has to be from Amazon.

Not only can you buy absolutely anything from this giant site, it is also really easy to buy them online, you can print them off at home and even email them. So if you have been a bit forgetful this is a great way to ensure you send a gift and for it to arrive on time too.

anniversary gift card

2. Great American Days Gift Certificates these are perfect for those that prefer to do something rather than have a physical gift.

You can choose a gift certificate for Spa days, flying planes, driving fast cars, wine tastings, dinner cruises and so much more.

You can have the gift certificate also sent directly which will help if its all a bit last minute!

3. Target - Now we know this is not the most glamorous of Anniversary Gift cards but this is really practical and perfect if you are a couple who needs things for the home.

There are no additional fees or expiration on this card too, so it makes it even more practical.

5. Homemade Anniversary Gift certificates

If you make your own gift cards you can send anything you would like! We have a free template for Anniversary Checks or you could create some pretty sweet coupons using Love Coups.

6. Vacation Vouchers

An anniversary vacation or cruise has to be one of the most wished for items and by buying a voucher towards their vacation you are getting them one step closer to being there.

Vacations Made Easy is a really good way to buy Vacation gift cards

8. Viator Vouchers

Viator is a company that organizes tours and excursions to loads of really exciting places. If your Anniversary couple are planning a trip you could buy them one of their big days out.

9. Wine of the Month Gift Cards

Cheers! Salut!

Buying a Wine of the Month Gift card means that your Anniversary Couple can celebrate in style and choose wines that they know they will love. 

Anniversary Gift Card - wine of the month
anniversary gift card to send flowers

10. Gifts 'n' Ideas Gift Cards are a great choice for international gifting as they deliver to 184 countries.

Plus, there are lots of gorgeous gifts to choose from; giftbaskets, flowers, wine, chocolates, cakes, gifts for her and for him.

You can choose to send a gift card for $25, $50, $75, $100 and $200.

To be honest you may find it better to choose a gift from the site and add your own Anniversary Message it feels like more of a gift.

We deliver Anniversary Gifts to USA & UK, Europe, Australia

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