Anniversary Party Ideas

Need wedding anniversary party ideas? Then you have come to the right place! Whether it is a small intimate family dinner or a great big party you will want it to be just right.

We have put together the best ideas to help you plan a fabulous anniversary celebration, plus real-life anniversary parties too.

Anniversary Party Ideas By Year

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Free Printable Anniversary Party Checklists Here

And we also have Free Anniversary Speech ideas here, that you can print and customize for you.

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Planning Your Anniversary Party

When it comes to planning your Anniversary Party being organized is the key to success and taking everything step-by-step.

  1. Start by listing everyone you want to be at the party
  2. Set your budget
  3. Print off your Anniversary Party checklist and cross off anything that doesn't apply to you or you don't want. This is your party and you can do and have anything you want.
  4. Set your date
  5. Find a venue to hold all of your guests, it doesn't have to be indoors, your local park would be a beautiful place to celebrate. Lots of couples celebrate in their own homes. And don't forget to book!
  6. Allocate your budget to everything you want at your party to check it all fits! You can make changes here much easier than waiting until you get close to the date and realize you can't have everything.
  7. Let your guests know! This could be via invitations, email, messages or even an event via facebook.
  8. Book your caterer if you are having one, organize flowers and decorations.
  9. Decide what to wear
  10. Collect all of your replies so you know who is coming and then let your venue and caterer know.
  11. Enjoy the day!

And don't forget you could enjoy your Anniversary at home just the two of you

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