Anniversary Party Ideas For Parents

Here you will find lots of Anniversary Party Ideas for your Parents that will fit with the Anniversary theme and the style of party that your parents will enjoy.

anniversary party ideas for your parents

Style of Parent's Anniversary Party

When you are choosing your anniversary party ideas for parents there are a few things that you need to think about;

  • Would they prefer a big party or a more intimate dinner with just the two of them?

Big, surprise parties are not for everyone and a lot of parents will be happier that their closest family and friends are there to help them celebrate on a smaller scale.

If they do just want a more intimate dinner see if you can hire a private dining room at their favorite hotel or restaurant and spoil them. You can still theme the table with decorations and add extra touches to make it extra special.

However, if a big party is what they want then you may want to download our Anniversary Party checklist to help.

  • What Anniversary are they celebrating?

Choosing the party theme, invitations and decorations is so much easier if you stick with the anniversary symbol for your party.

Of course, you don't have to, you may want to base the party on the decade they were married or around their favorite hobby.

Or this party could be the wedding reception that they wanted but never had.

Parents Anniversary Cake
  • How many guests do you want to invite?

Depending on the number of guests you invite to your Parent's Anniversary Party you will want the venue to be able to hold the number comfortably.

And that is the same whether you have hundreds or just 10 people.

You don't want the room to be too big otherwise your guests will be awkward, in this case you would be better to book a table at a restaurant rather than a function room if your numbers are small.

If you have hundreds of guests or a larger number than you would be able to have at your home then a hall or a function room in a local hotel will be ideal.

If your parents are members of a club then they may want to have their anniversary party there as they are familiar with the club and probably a large number of their friends will be too!

anniversary cards
  • When are you going to have the Anniversary party?

You may find that your parents are planning on going away for their anniversary, they may want to go on a cruise, or revisit where they spent their wedding night. If that is the case then you may find that you will need to have the party before or after the big day.

As with planning a wedding you may want to send out save the dates for your parents' anniversary party or send the invitations with enough time. Six weeks before the event is a good idea but if your party is during holiday time or popular summer vacation time then you will want to send them out earlier.

Themed Anniversary Party Ideas For Parents

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Special Anniversary Party Ideas For Your Parents

There are lots of ways to make your Parent's party extra special ...

  • Hold the party at their original Wedding Venue
  • Find a photo of their wedding cake and recreate it, you may find that your Mom has kept their original cake topper
  • Obviously make the party all about them and what they have done over the years
  • Create a display of their Wedding photos
  • Ask all of the guests to send you copies of photos of your Mom and Dad that you can create a photo display or collage.
  • Display your Mom and Dad's Family Tree that they have started
  • Ask your Mom and Dad if there is anything that they wish they had on their Wedding Day, it might be a photographer or certain friends. And see if you can organize it for their Anniversary Party
  • Hire a photographer to capture all of those special moments
  • See if your Parents would like to renew their Wedding Vows.

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