Free 50th Anniversary Speeches

There are lots of free 50th anniversary speeches available for you to use online but they are not going to be personal, to make a 50th anniversary speech worth the occasion you need to gather as much information about your anniversary couple as possible. The point of your anniversary speech will be to show your admiration, your happiness and how they are an inspiration to you all gathered at the party.

Where do you start? Where and when they met are always great starters to any speech, was there a great chat up line or funny story? What was the headline on the local or national paper? If you like to have fun props when you make a speech then you could make a mock front page of the local paper with the headline of; "Do you come here often?" works for Mr John Smith. If you are stuck for a gift idea then you could have this framed and give it to them during the speech.

Talk about the fun and love they share, their hobbies that they enjoy together or tolerate! Talk about the great support they have for each other. Ask family and friends for stories about your anniversary couple that you can share.

You can talk about how they are a role model to you and how much you love them.

If theirs is a story on how they overcame the odds and it is appropriate to mention it then share their inspiring story with their guests.

There are some beautiful anniversary songs that would be great to introduce to the end of your speech and maybe have the anniversary couple have their first dance or have everyone raise their glasses. A great anniversary song by Eva Cassidy is perfect, just take a moment to have a listen.

Speeches start with words of pride and pleasure at being asked to toast the happy couple and end with lets raise our glasses and congratulate Mr and Mrs on 50 great years, here is to many more. Enjoy writing your speech, write it from the heart and you won't need any free 50th anniversary speeches.

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