Best 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents

The best 50th Wedding Anniversary gift ideas for your parents are the ones that you know they will love and treasure and is this is a big milestone Anniversary you will want your gift to be thoughtful and special. Showing your parents what an important role they have had in all of your lives.

What Is The Symbol For A 50th Wedding Anniversary?

Both the traditional gift and modern gift lists agree that the 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift symbol is Gold, meaning special and showing that your love shines brightly, as nothing shines brighter than gold.

Gold has been gifted to couples for hundreds of years that are celebrating fifty years together. The earliest record of this is in the 1800s with the gifting of a gold wreath to a couple celebrating their 50th Anniversary.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Parents

50th anniversary gift basket for parents

We have lots of traditional 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your parents, with lots of ways to include gold as part of their celebrations.

  • One really easy way to add gold to your gifts is to make sure you wrap everything in gold paper. This works really well if you have put together a gift basket for your Mom and Dad too.
  • And remember gold gifts don't have to be made from real gold, there are lots of gift ideas that are the color of gold too.
  • Plus, don't just think gold for your gift, think about what you know your parents will love, we have put together some of our most popular gifts being bought for a 50th Anniversary to give you some ideas.

Personalized 50th Anniversary Gifts

Traditional 50th Anniversary gifts are made even more special when you add your own personalization to them.

It could be your parents' names and Anniversary Date or it could be your own best wishes for a continued Happy Marriage.

50th anniversary gift ideas for your parents

Engraved Anniversary Vase

An engraved Vase with their names and their Wedding Date or 50th Anniversary is a lovely gift and one that you can fill with their favorite flowers or a gold bouquet to fit with the theme.

Engraved Anniversary Glasses

engraved anniversary glasses

Personalized 50th anniversary Celebration glasses are the perfect way to raise a toast to wish them a Happy Golden Anniversary.

You can have a set with your names engraved on which are available to buy in our Anniversary Gifts store here.

golden anniversary champagne glasses

Or you could add your own Golden Anniversary message and create a very personal gift.

50th Anniversary Wine Glasses

If you are holding a 50th Anniversary Party for your parents these personalized stemless 50th Anniversary Wine Glasses would be a great way for everyone to toast your parents.

You can have black or gold lettering, personalized with your parents' names, Wedding date or choose your own personalization.

Personalized Anniversary Decanter Set

This classic Anniversary decanter set is engraved with their last name and their Wedding Day. It fits with the theme when you fill it with their favorite gold colored liquid.

Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzles

If your parent's love to do jigsaw puzzles then these two are a perfect gift, you can choose from 

  • Where We First Met Jigsaw Puzzle which is a puzzle made from the map of exactly that.

Parent's Adventure Box

If you parent's love to have adventures, then they will love a Personalized box where they can store their souvenirs from their trips it makes a great unique Anniversary Gift.

Personalized with their names and available to buy in our Anniversary Gifts store.

50th Anniversary Canvas Prints & Wall Art

If your parent's love to spend time at home then these personalized Art Prints will make it even more special and look great in their living room.

50th Anniversary Photo Frame

A great gift for your parents is a photo frame as then they can share their favorite photos and special moments from the last 50 years, or you could even add your own favorite photo of the happy couple.

50th anniversary photo frame and album

This 50th Anniversary photo frame and album is personalized with your parent's names and also their Wedding Date.

Plus, there is lots of space for lots of photos inside too.

Best Couple Ever Photo Frame

best couple photo frame

This Best Couple Ever Photo Frame makes a unique 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift as it is more of a modern take on the golden gift idea.

Your parent's will love that you think they are the Best Couple Ever too.

50th Anniversary Photo Album

A traditional Anniversary gift of a 50th Anniversary photo album may feel a bit dated in comparison to a new photo book but the nostalgia of them is making a big comeback.

Fill it with lots of gorgeous original old photos, maybe even ask family members and friends if they have ones that they would like to add and then spend time with your parents hearing their stories as they share the beautiful memories that they conjure up.

Personalized with their names and their Wedding Date.

50th anniversary gift shop

Golden Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Golden Gift Basket

golden gift basket

If you can't be with your parents on their special day you could send them a Golden Gift Basket filled with lots of gorgeous treats for their Anniversary. It is a lovely way to ensure that they have treats on their day if you are a long way away.

Golden Anniversary Flowers

50th anniversary roses for your parents

Anniversary flowers are a must but they don't last for very long unless you send these gorgeous roses from JustPaperRoses.

They also have gold roses made in lace too.

Both are equally lovely and the paper roses you can personalize too.

Choose to send a single Golden Rose or a Bouquet of Golden Roses.

Gold Jewelry

couples personalized gold necklace

If you want a traditional present, gold is the gift to aim for.

Your mom may want a nice gold necklace or bracelet. Your dad may want to replace his old watch. 

And personalizing these gifts for your Mom and Dad makes them even more special.

Lots of Personalized Gold Anniversary Jewelry in our Anniversary Collection

More inexpensive gifts would be to go for something golden in color, like a gold scarf and necktie.

If your parents are coin collectors, these are great gifts too. Other options for golden things are brooch, cuff links, rings, pendant and earrings.

50th anniversary gifts for parents

Golden Scrapbook

The meaning of golden here simply means special.

You do not have to be limited by gold things for traditional 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents.

  • You could put together a story of your parents' married life through pictures and notes.
  • You can make a big scrapbook project for this idea and ask the help of everyone in the family and your parents' friends for pictures of your parents from the time they were dating up to the present. 
  • The pictures could be old and faded but technology will take care of that. Make small notations on each picture quoting your sources for more authenticity. Write the notes in gold ink. 
  • Have the scrapbook hardbound in golden special paper. 
  • Make the scrapbook a labor of love. This could be a perfect traditional 50th wedding anniversary idea for parents.
We have found lots of gold colored scrapbook albums, gold papers and all the lovely extras at Amazon

Personal Canvas

couples important dates canvas

If you are looking for a very personal gift, how about a canvas with key dates from the past 50 years?

You could have dates of when they met, their 1st date, when they were married, when children arrive, right up to their 50th anniversary.

There are some lovely canvas designs to buy in our Anniversary Gift Store.

Golden Family Portrait

When was the last time you and the whole family sat down for a portrait?

Why not have an informal family picture taken by a professional. Don't let your parents know that the photographer is a pro and is all set on taking candid pictures of the family to make a photo album. You can pick the most beautiful shot of the family and have it framed in gold. You can help hang the picture in your parents' house. You can also frame smaller family pictures and set them on top of a console or a piano or anywhere convenient.

Golden Family Quilt

Call all of your mom's friends who are handy with needles and together make a quilt.

  • Each patch should be done by family and friends. 
  •  You can use significant cloths for the patches to make the anniversary quilt meaningful and not just beautiful. 
  • The patches can tell a story or represent parts of your parents' married life. Make use of technology. 
  • Have your parents' images transferred into a piece of plain cloth and make that piece the center of the family quilt, you could use images from their wedding day and as they are today.
You can buy photo transfer paper at Amazon which you use in your own home printer. Then you use an iron to iron the transfer on.
  • It just shows that 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas don't have to be made of gold!

More Homemade 50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Discuss Your 50th Anniversary Plans

Most couples celebrating their 50 years together are excited about this big milestone Anniversary because it is a big deal to have got to your Golden Anniversary.

They may remember their Grandparents and Parents reaching this milestone and want to do something special.

They may have simple 50th Anniversary ideas on what they want to do or they may want something extravagant and over the top. Whatever the plan, it is a good idea to discuss everything with them and make sure they are both happy.

Golden Gifts

If you are looking for a treat that they can enjoy together why not create a book of tokens just for them.

personalized anniversary book for parentsCreate your own Personalized Anniversary love book

Why not give a gift of love?

  • Make little coupons and label them as passes for taking them to the movies, treating them to dinner, cooking their favorite meal and doing errands for them. 
  • Try to find out what will make their lives a little easier. If you can give it to them, do so.
  • These personalized love books and coupons are a wonderful way to show your parents how much you love them. Fill each page with reasons why you love them and they will cherish the book forever.

A gift of gold doesn't have to be made from gold, there are also beautiful 50th wedding anniversary flowers that are beautiful and golden!

Think yellow roses, gold chrysanthemums and yellow daisies, plus lots more.

Wishing you all a very Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!

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