50th Anniversary Invitations

Choosing your 50th anniversary invitations is an important part of your anniversary party plans, you know that they will be treasured long after the event and they also help set the tone of the party for your guests.

In this guide, we'll share tips and ideas for creating unique and personalized 50th wedding anniversary invitations that will make your celebration even more memorable.

After all a milestone Anniversary needs to be a fabulous celebration.

From traditional to modern designs, we've got you covered!

Traditional 50th Anniversary Invitations

If you prefer a more traditional style, consider classic gold and white invitations with embossed or foil-stamped details. You could also incorporate lace or doily accents or include vintage photos or memorabilia from your wedding day.

These designs are elegant and timeless, and they convey the significance of the occasion.

  • Classic Gold and White Design
  • Embossed or Foil-Stamped Invitations
  • Lace or Doily Accents
  • Vintage Photos from your Wedding Day or Memorabilia
  • Think back to your Wedding Invitations and use a similar theme for your Golden Anniversary

Modern 50th Anniversary Invitations

If you're looking for something more modern, you might consider bold color schemes and geometric shapes or minimalist designs with simple text.

Unique materials like acrylic or wood can also add a contemporary touch.

Keeping your invitations simple with a classic font will give them a modern look.

Custom illustrations or portraits can add a personal touch that reflects your personalities and interests.

And don't forget you can use email to send your invitations which will save money and also time.

  • Bold Color Schemes and Geometric Shapes
  • Minimalist Designs with Simple Text
  • Custom Illustrations or Portraits
  • Unique Materials like Acrylic or Wood

DIY 50th Anniversary Invitations

  • Handmade Cards or Invitations
  • Scrapbook or Collage Style with your favorite photo of the two of you
  • Calligraphy or Hand-Lettering
  • Incorporating Personal Photos or Mementos
  • Using our Free Printable 50th Anniversary Invitations and make them your own
  • Print photo cards with your favorite photo of the two of you and add a personal invite on the back.

Personalized 50th Anniversary Invitations

The key is to choose something that speaks to you and your spouse and reflects your love story.

  • Monogram or Crest Design
  • Incorporating Wedding Vows or Song Lyrics
  • Digital Invitations with Personalized Messages
  • Photographs from your Wedding Day and or now
  • Photo Invitations 
  • And just because 50 years is your Golden Anniversary you don't have to just stick to gold. Instead think about your favorite colors and use those.

Wording For The Front of Your 50th Anniversary Invitations

  • "Still Going Strong after 50 Years"
  • "Celebrating Love, Laughter, and a Lifetime Together"
  • "Join Us as We Toast to 50 Years of Marriage"
  • "50 Years of Love and Memories: Let's Celebrate!"
  • "We Still Do"

Wording For Your Invitations

If your anniversary party is formal you will want formal invitations with dress code and all of the party details. Quite often formal anniversary party invitations will be sent out by the couple's children who will be the hosts for the evening.

There is no written rule that this has to be the case, your invitations could be from you or your best friends.

And it

For a formal anniversary invitation the wording could be,

Mr Bob Taylor and Mrs Jane Smith would be delighted if you would join them in celebrating their parents Mr and Mrs Robert Taylor's 50th wedding anniversary. At The Golf Club, Links Road at 7.30pm on 12th April 2015. Dress code Black Tie. RSVP.

If your 50th anniversary party is to be more informal then wording for a simple invitation is;

Come and join us to celebrate 50 years together as Mr and Mrs, at the River Boat Restaurant 12th July at 19.30.

Make Your Own Invitations

free printable 50th anniversary invitation

Making your own invitations is so much easier with the kits that are available and all of the beautiful embellishments that you can buy at the craft stores or online.

For your design you could have a classic design with a gold 50 on the front or "Fifty Years Together". If you could find some gold 50 numbers that you could glue to the front that would make your invitation sparkle. Gold ribbon tied around the invitation also looks very smart.

free printable 50th anniversary invitation

Using your computer you can design a very personal 50th invitation with a photo of the anniversary couple on the front, this could be from their wedding day or from today or both! You could have "Guess Who Is Celebrating 50 Years Together?"

We also have made some simple invitations that you can print for free, just click on the pictures and you will be taken to the pdf for you to print.

Or if you are looking to make your invitations yourself then here are our tips on what to remember in your 50th anniversary invitation.

Your 50th anniversary is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and your invitations should reflect that.

Whether you opt for traditional or modern designs, DIY or personalized invitations, or creative wording ideas, the key is to make them unique and meaningful to you and your spouse. 

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Printable Golden Anniversary Invitations

free printable 50th anniversary invitation with butterflies
free printable golden 50th anniversary invitation
50th anniversary invitation with sunshine
free printable 50th anniversary invitation

All the free printable 50th Anniversary Invitations are available here...

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