50 Anniversary Gifts
Ideas to help you find the perfect gift

Just because 50 anniversary gifts are traditionally made from gold it doesn't mean that they have to cost a fortune.

More often it is the gifts that come from the heart that are treasured the most.

We all need a helping hand to get inspired when it comes to choosing the perfect gift, here are 50 ideas that will start you on your way.

50th anniversary gifts
  1. Write 50 reasons why you love them
  2. Cook their favorite meal and serve it as a candlelit dinner 
  3. Invite all the family to celebrate
  4. Have a family portrait taken
  5. His and Hers gold mugs
  6. Organize a Vow renewal
  7. Memory book
  8. Photo book with photos from every decade they have been married
  9. Family tree
  10. Plant their garden with daffodils or golden roses 
  11. Gift of time ? help take care of their garden, or offer to decorate 
  12. Fill a hamper with their favorite goodies
  13. DVD from a hit movie from the year they were married
  14. CD of the greatest hits from the year they were married
  15. Organize a surprise 50th Anniversary Party
  16. Organize not a surprise 50th Anniversary Party
  17. Hunt through local thrift stores for gold glassware
  18. Bake a beautiful Anniversary cake
  19. Paint a pot with gold and plant with beautiful flowers
  20. Organize donations to their favorite charity
  21. Copy of the paper from the day they were married
  22. Anniversary t-shirts 
  23. Try and photograph a beautiful golden sunset from near their home
  24. Organize your family to make an anniversary quilt
  25. Scrapbook showing all the places they have lived in during the last 50 years
  26. Plant a tree to mark their 50th
  27. Day trip to favorite place
  28. Gold blanket to cuddle up under!
  29. Tickets to see a show
  30. Gold Anniversary Rose
  31. Gold Picture Frame
  32. Box of candy wrapped in gold paper 
  33. Personalized Golden Wedding Plate
  34. Gold scarf
  35. Gold tie 
  36. Days pampering at the local spa
  37. Journal and gold pen
  38. Gold tablecloths to serve the celebration meal
  39. Photo Canvas of one of their wedding photographs
  40. Copy of their first dance at their wedding
  41. Hold an open house for all of their friends.
  42. 50 Golden balloons
  43. 50 Golden flowers
  44. A basket of homemade cookies
  45. Have an old cine film put onto dvd and hold a family movie night
  46. Have wedding photographs digitally enhanced
  47. Return to where they were married
  48. Family get together
  49. Gift card for their favorite hobby
  50. Spend time together and enjoy the day.

Hope you have found an anniversary gift that would be perfect. If not then there are lots more gift ideas here.

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