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If your Anniversary Party is coming soon …

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… then we have just the help you need.

Anniversary Speech Structure

Just like every great story your speech needs a

  • beginning,
  • middle 
  • and an end.

Anniversary Speech Introduction

Your beginning or introduction will need to grab your guests attention.

This could in the way of a question ...

What is love?

What makes a Happy Marriage?

Where have the last … years gone?

quotes for anniversary speechesUse quotes in your Anniversary speech

Or it could be in the way of a quote

They say “Time flies when you are having fun” and that could not be truer for the past … years that I have spent as … husband (or wife)

“If I know what love is, it is because of you” Herman Hesse

You could paraphrase that quote to be more personal and start with If I know what love is, it is because of ….., I have loved him with all my heart since the day I met him at…

Or you could tell a joke, just be mindful of your audience!

Or start by telling everyone how you met.

Anniversary Speech Samples

Your middle is the main part of your speech

And it needs to lead on from your introduction.

If you started with a question, look at answering it.

What is love? According to Websters dictionary Love is a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person and I know that I have been lucky to love …. for … years.


Then go on to explain why you love them – their kindness, silliness or whatever it is. Share a story about when you knew you loved them or a time when they were amazing.


What makes a Happy Marriage? If you ever need an answer to that question just take a look at Mom and Dad. The little looks they give each other, the way they support each other through everything that life throws at them and how much they enjoy each other’s company. And then go on to share a story about them both.

You can end with a quote…

And to quote Robert Browning “Grow old with me, the best is yet to be”

“Real love stories never have endings” and I look forward to being in love with you for eternity.

Or end with a thank you…

I would like to end with a thank you to Mom and Dad for being such a great example and for the love and help they have given all of us.

Don’t forget to end with a toast!

I would like to thank … for putting up with me and my snoring for the past … years. You are my love, my rock and I am your number 1 fan.

Perfect Your Anniversary Speech

To give the best anniversary speech you will need to

  1. Plan
  2. Practise – lots!
  3. Perfect until you have nailed it.

Timing with all speeches is so important and one way to make sure you have yours spot on is to either record yourself, time yourself and video yourself. The camera on your mobile will be fine for this.

You can then play it back and either add extra bits to your speech or take things out.

Also, see if you can say your speech to a few people so you can check if your jokes work and also get feedback from them.

Free Printable Anniversary Speeches

free anniversary speeches

Below you will find speech samples which you can use for your Anniversary.

In each sample there are gaps for you to add your own names and also spaces for you to tell your own stories and customize them for you.

Wedding Anniversary Speech Samples

Anniversary Speech For Your Wife or Girlfriend

Thank you to all of you for being with us today to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, it means so much to both of us that you have been part of our lives and we love each and every one of you.

And for me, I need to say an even bigger thank you, to one very important lady… my wife….

For the past 25 years you have been my rock, my inspiration, you have lifted me through the bad times and cheered me on to great ones.

You are my one true love

And I am very lucky.

I won the lottery the day I met you and knew from the moment I saw you at … that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.

But how do you get a great woman like ….. to take notice of a kind of geeky/scruffy/sporty guy.

I would love to say it was through my charm, my looks and great wit.

But the truth is it was more my friend ….

*Tell story of how you met

Thank you …. For introducing us and vouching for me! We all need friends like that in our lives.

-          Toast to friend who introduced you

From then till now we have been blessed with 5 great children, 6 hamsters and have lived surrounded by family and friends.

Through that time my love for …….. has grown.

I am in awe of her ability to make a home where ever we live.

Her incredible tapestry, painting, writing or swing at golf. (Choose your wife’s hobby)

And her love of …….

She is an incredible woman and I would like to raise a toast to ……. Thank you.

Anniversary Speech For Your Husband or Boyfriend

A massive thank you to everyone for coming tonight to celebrate our 40th Anniversary, thank you for being part of our lives, you make ours richer by being you and we hope in some way we add to yours.

But wow, 40 years that’s quite a time and it has gone in a flash.

And all of this would not have been possible if 40 years ago I hadn’t married …… and if he hadn’t been such an easy man to love.

Although neither of us are perfect, we have our own strange little ways which I won’t be sharing with you tonight!

He is without doubt my perfect husband.

He is perfect for me, which reminds me of a quote I heard years ago…

A Perfect Marriage Is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on Each Other

Thank you ….. for being you

For laughing with me and at me. From the time when …. (add a fun story of the two of you)

For being a great dad to …. And ……

(add a sweet story showing him as a great dad)

And for being a perfect husband for me.

Looking forward to our next adventures.

I would like to raise a toast to ….. Happy Anniversary my love.

Anniversary Speech For Parents and Grandparents

Good evening everyone, I am ……. and honored to be with you all this evening and proud to be the son/daughter of …….. and ……….

This evening we celebrate their Golden Anniversary, 50 years of being Mr and Mrs

And wow what an amazing 50 years it has been.

They met … (tell the story – maybe quote their friends who were there at the time)

And luckily for me they fell in love and were married on …..

They have supported each other through …. (tell story of them helping each other)

And have enjoyed (share stories of hobbies, vacations and fun times they have both enjoyed)

I am lucky to have such great parents, they have shown me over the years what love is and have been selfless in their love for me and my brothers and sisters.

List why they are a great couple

They are a great example of what a strong and Happy Marriage is.

Thank you and raise a toast to your parents.

Anniversary Speech For Friends

Good evening everyone, I am …………. I have known ……….. and …………… for . years and feel that gives me an insight in to how they have such a Happy marriage.

For those of you that don’t know …….. and …………. met on (date) at (place) where ……… was looking as beautiful as she does this evening and …….. was looking his usual charming self.

Quote from husband about when they first met

Quote from wife about when they first met

As you can see they were both thinking the same thing from that first moment. (this can be said more as a joke if the quotes don’t say the same thing)

They are the perfect match.

 They both love ……

And enjoy spending time together and with their family.

Their children are here this evening and I know that they couldn’t be prouder of the people you have grown in to.

And I am proud to have them as friends.

They have shown me over the years what a great marriage is and tonight I would like us all to raise a toast to …. And wish them a very Happy Anniversary.

Short Anniversary Speech Ideas

If you would prefer to give a short Anniversary speech then that is perfectly fine, it really doesn't have to be a long-winding journey through all the years of marriage.

Instead a short and punchy speech that covers all the essentials works really well. Plus your guests may appreciate it too!

As with all speeches lets stick with the plan

  1. A beginning - this is the why we are here today
  2. A middle - a description of the best couple in all the world
  3. The end - let's all raise our glasses and join together to wish Jo and Sam a very Happy Anniversary.

Let's start by getting everyone's attention, you could clap, ding your glass, ring a bell or set off a horn.

Next explain that you want to say a few words.

Hi everyone, you will be pleased to know that I won't take up much of your time today *pause for your guests to cheer* but I wanted to thank you all for joining us today to celebrate Jo and Sam's 20th Anniversary and to say a few words.  

The past twenty years has flown by and through that time they have shown us how great they are together.

Being the most wonderful parents to .....

And the best friends to each other and to us all.

I am sure you will all agree that they are one of the loveliest couple's and the love that they have together is great to see. 

So please join me in raising a glass and wishing Jo and Sam the happiest Anniversary.

Jo and Sam, followed by everyone joining in the toast.

Anniversary Speeches for Milestone Anniversaries

When it comes to a big Anniversary you may want to do a longer speech or include specific quotes to that particular year.

We have put together some ideas to help you plan

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