Anniversary Party Games And Ideas

Anniversary party games work best when you get everyone involved. Your guests may not know everyone so playing games is a nice way to get everyone together and chatting.

  • Our first suggestion is to ask everyone invited to provide a photo of themselves when they were a baby or child, you will need these sent to you before the day. Mount them or photocopy them onto card so that you can display them at the party and then number each photo. Have paper and pens ready for your guests and then ask them to guess who is who. Everyone enjoys looking at old photos and it gets everyone chatting.
  • Another quiz type idea is to have questions about the anniversary couple on each table, a table could be a team if your guests want to be competitive. It helps to have the questions from all eras of the anniversary years so that everyone is involved. Question deas to start you off; Where did they meet? Where was their first date? Where did they live when they were first married? What was their first car? How many children/ grandchildren are there? Having the questions span many years will mean that the younger guests will need to be talking to the older ones.
  • An anniversary scavenger hunt gets everyone involved, try and find someone who is good at writing the clues or have them find certain things; 2 oak leaves, a small book, a football scarf. You could have everyone meet at a start point with the end point at the anniversary party. Make sure you don't lose anyone! If you have a clever clue writer you could have them include things about the anniversary couple that have to be solved before they know where to go. Your scavenger hunt could be in the house or even down the street that they live.

Printable Anniversary Games

Games For The Grandkids

handmade paper flower

These type of anniversary party games will keep all ages together but if you have a number of children at the party you may want to volunteer some older cousins to come up with some fun games for them.

Ideas for anniversary party games for the children could be a craft based activity where the children make paper flowers for an anniversary gift, or party hats for themselves. You could have a children's scavenger hunt where there could be photos of the anniversary couple around the room that have a letter on them. When all of the letters have been found they will need to be rearranged to form a word which may be where the treasure is. Your treasure could be candy or a small gift for each child.

Anniversary Bingo

Bingo is a game that everybody can play. Our children love Bingo and it is one of those games that when they know the numbers they are desperate to join in. And it was a favorite of my grandparents too.

You could make your own Bingo cards and have a photo of the anniversary couple as the central square, or use the link below to personalize your own cards.

You will also need a bag of numbers, these can be picked up fairly cheaply in most toys stores. Or ask around someone is bound to have a Bingo set at home somewhere!

It would be a good game to play at the beginning of the party and you could have the anniversary couple give out the prizes. They can play too!

anniversary bingo

Image: Joe Shlabotnik

As well as party games it will probably be a good idea to have some music, you don't need a dance floor or a big band but having an mp3 player ready with some good party tunes will be another way to have some fun.

Have a great party!

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