Fun 1st Anniversary Party Ideas

I imagine that you are thinking that the last year has just whizzed by! Before your very eyes you have now been married a year, almost. Thankfully there is still time to plan a bit of a party, and even if there is not time, there still is. I am sure you know what I mean?!

Your 1st anniversary is traditionally celebrated with paper, representing the fragility of love and how you need to look after it. The great thing about paper is that it is so important, can you imagine a day without paper? It would be like a day without the love of your life...

Anyway we are getting away from the whole point of this chat which was to organize your 1st anniversary party, it will be fab. It doesn't have to be big and impressive - but it can be. Remember that this is your celebration and you can do this anyway you want.

Picnics, bbqs, a party in your own backyard or your home would be a lovely way to celebrate with your friends and you can easily theme your party with lots of paper decorations.

1st Anniversary Party Ideas

paper lantern decorations

Photo by RKelland

With paper being the symbol this could be included in the decorations, the invitations, you could even include it as part of the party theme. Paper hats, paper props for a photo shoot and if your friends are the creative sort then you could look at asking them to come in paper outfits. Though this could get a  bit messy if it was raining.

There really are some fabulous paper decorations;

  • Paper doilies
  • Paper lanterns
  • Paper bunting
  • Photos from your wedding -  this could be the first time that many of your friends have seen them.

And at the end of the night you could all release paper lanterns with wishes for the coming years.

Your Wedding Theme

You could go back to your wedding venue and have a fun, smaller more relaxed celebration.

Some couples go back to their venue and have a dinner for close family and friends. Don’t be put off by the price of your venue instead you could choose to have cocktails in the bar and then move on to a dinner at your favorite restaurant.

You could choose to use your wedding theme and if you are lucky enough to have decorations from your wedding you could use those again.

tables set for 1st anniversary

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