Anniversary Flower Order Guide

Anniversary flowers are such a part of the celebrations that it is not surprising there is a anniversary flower list.

For most of the anniversaries you will find a flower to represent it.

Sometimes the flower may not be available due to the seasons so you may need to be a bit more creative and you may think that your flowers would be best following the more traditional list.

Think gold flowers for a 50th anniversary rather than violets.

pottery rose

Or if you are looking for something a little more unusual how about flowers that are made from the materials of the traditional anniversary list?

You could have paper for your 1st, cotton for your 2nd, silver for your 25th and even gold for your 50th!

Nearly all of the anniversaries are covered at Just Paper Roses and they look great. Plus they will last for years as a reminder of your special day.

anniversary flower list
  • 1st Pansy
  • 2nd Cosmos
  • 3rd Fuschia
  • 4th Geranium
  • 5th Daisy
  • 6th Calla Lilly
  • 7th Jack in the pulpit 
  • 8th Clematis
  • 9th Poppy
  • 10th Daffodil
  • 11th Morning Glory
  • 12th Peony
  • 13th Hollyhock
  • 14th Dahlia
  • 15th Rose
  • 20th Day Lilly
  • 25th Iris
  • 28th Orchid
  • 30th Sweet Pea
  • 40th Nasturtium
  • 50th Violet
  • Order Your Anniversary Flowers

    Although this list has been around for years not that many people know about it, so if you bought a bouquet of Dahlias for your 14th for example they would be nice but the meaning behind why would probably be lost.

    In Victorian times flowers were often used as secret love messages and this is still such a lovely idea today. Here are the meanings behind the flowers on the anniversary list which gives much more meaning to the giving of flowers whatever the occasion.

    Pansies - loving thoughts

    Cosmos - peaceful

    Fuscia - faithfulness

    Geranium - comfort

    Daisy - innocence

    Calla Lilly - magnificent beauty

    Jack in the pulpit - no definition to be found - let us know if you have one!

    Clematis - ingenuity

    Poppy - consolation

    Daffodil - chivalry

    Morning Glory - affection

    Peony - riches and honor

    Hollyhock - fruitfulness

    Dahlia - forever thine

    Rose - happiness

    Day Lilly - coquetry

    Iris - faith, promise in love

    Orchid - love, beauty

    Sweet Pea - blissful pleasure

    Nasturtium - victory in battle

    Violet - modesty, virtue, affection

    Other ideas for your anniversary flower order could be a replica of your wedding flowers or you could have one flower for each year.

    Anniversary Party Flowers

    When it comes to choosing the flowers to decorate your tables at your party you may want to look more to the color of the flower rather than following the list. 

    Adding big blocks of color to your tables is easy with flowers and you could increase the impact by having a table runner or charger plates in the anniversary color as well.

    Photo: Championship Catering

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