Original Anniversary Newspaper Gifts

An Anniversary newspaper from the day you were married makes a great gift for lots of reasons..

  • That day is Your day and a big part of your history as a couple
  • It's a fun way to look back on how life was when you got married
  • And it's fun to read what else was going on, on your wedding day.

Framed Front Cover From Your Wedding Day

Take a step back in time to your wedding day with an original newspaper from your Wedding Day and unless you have been really organized it is unlikely you will have a newspaper from that date.

One of the easiest places to find them is ebay. We have found copies of newspapers and magazines where personal ads have been placed with Wedding Announcements.

If you are looking for a local newspaper from your town you could get lucky by asking in local facebook groups or equally contact your local newspaper office.

Newspaper Front Cover From Your Wedding Day Jigsaw Puzzle

You can even have the front page from your wedding day printed for you as a jigsaw puzzle.

Double the fun!

Find out how to order yours here.

newspaper front page puzzle

Day You Were Married Gifts

An Anniversary gift that remembers the day you were married is really special.

You can engrave lots of gorgeous gifts with your Wedding Day.

Here are the most popular ones for you.

We deliver Anniversary Gifts to USA & UK, Europe, Australia

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