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There are lots of very lovely Anniversary gift baskets that are available in store, let us know when you want the basket delivered and we will organize that for you.

Plus you can add your own Happy Anniversary message too.

We can also arrange delivery to a hotel if they are away!

Anniversary Gift Basket Ideas For Couples

anniversary gift basket

Wedding Anniversary gift baskets are a perfect gift for everyone as they can be themed to all sorts of hobbies and yummy treats.

  • They are also the perfect Anniversary Gift for couples that you don't know too well but that you would still like to give something on their special day as you can choose a basket that is filled with gourmet treats.
  • They are great for family members that are celebrating a milestone Anniversary especially if you are unable to be with them on the day.
  • Gift baskets are something that you would never buy for yourself but you so know you would enjoy all of the goodies if you received one!
  • Gift baskets also work well for couples that already have everything, they may have been married for a number of years and are looking to downsize, they are not looking for more gifts for their home or for themselves, but they would easily enjoy a gift basket for a cosy night in.
  • They can also be a romantic gifts, a gift basket filled with goodies to enjoy on an anniversary vacation or at home just the two of you.
  • And they are unique Anniversary Gifts because you can personalize them just for them.

Wine Gift Baskets

If your Anniversary couple enjoys a glass of wine we have lots of gorgeous Champagne Gift Baskets and Gift Baskets filled with Fine Wines.

They also come with gourmet treats that they can enjoy when they toast their special occasion.

Chocolate Gift Baskets

A sweet treat of a Chocolate Gift Basket can be filled with decadent chocolates that you know chocolate lovers will enjoy.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

If your Anniversary Couple are foodies Food Gift Baskets will be a treat for their taste buds.

Ideas could be

  • A food themed Anniversary hamper to an International cuisine; Italian, French, Mexican
  • Or themed to their favorite food; Cheese and Crackers, Charcuterie Board, Candy, Cookies, Desserts
  • Or you could provide all the ingredients for a special meal
  • Or you could choose one of our Gourmet Hampers for them to enjoy on their Anniversary.

You could also theme your Anniversary Gift Basket to the symbol for your Anniversary Year.

50th Anniversary Gift Baskets

golden anniversary hamper

A 50th Anniversary Gift Basket has to be golden whether it is all of the treats to be golden in color or it all tied up in a big gold ribbon.

We can deliver these Golden Anniversary Gift Baskets straight to your Anniversary Couple to enjoy.

25th Anniversary Gift Baskets

silver anniversary gift basket

A 25th Anniversary Gift Basket has to be silver whether it is all of the treats to be silver in color or it all tied up in a big silver ribbon.

This Silver Anniversary gift basket is available to order today.

Romantic Gift Basket Ideas

If you are looking to put together a romantic gift basket then you will want to fill it with gifts that you know that they will love and are sensuos.

  • Show them how much you love being with them with a photo book filled with days that you have enjoyed together.
  • Add a special gift to the basket, maybe a piece of jewelry that is engraved with both of your names or your Anniversary date.
  • You could theme your basket to your favorite place that you both love to go, Italian treats to remind you both of a romantic trip.
  • Spa Gift baskets that are filled with pampering treats for them to enjoy.
  • A dozen chocolate dipped strawberries
  • A flower bouquet of a dozen red roses or a replica of the flowers that you had at your Wedding.

Design Your Own Gift Basket

You can also look at designing your own gift basket, which you could do yourself at home or you could get someone else to do it for you!

Getting a specialist company such as Design It Yourself Gift Baskets to put your basket together for you is a really good idea if you need to send it, as they will have much cheaper delivery costs than you will.

  1. Start by choosing the theme for your gift.
  2. From there you will be asked to choose your basket or chest or whatever takes your fancy.
  3. Then leave it up to them to put everything together for you. They do make great gift baskets!

Romantic Evening Gift Baskets

One lovely gift basket that we received quite a few years ago but that I still think of today was one for a night in, it had Titanic video (see I told you it was a while ago!), a mini bottle of Champagne, 2 Champagne flutes and chocolates.

It was a really simple idea but it was lovely and we really enjoyed it. The basket was very cute too and we kept it by the fire place for ages filled with logs for the fire.

Alternative Anniversary Gift Baskets

If you can't think what to fill your gift basket with, how about a gift that keeps giving? Well at least every month...

  1. Pickle of the month
  2. Beer of the month
  3. Hot sauce of the month
  4. Jerky of the month
  5. Flower of the month
  6. Chips of the month
  7. Chocolate of the month
  8. Puzzle of the month
  9. Wine of the month

You could also look at making your own basket!

How To Make Your Own Gift Basket

An Anniversary Gift Basket is a great homemade gift as you can fill it with lots of good gifts that you know that they will love.

  1. You will need a basket or container, some of the coolest gift baskets I have seen are ones that are in unusual containers. For example if you were putting together a baking gift basket then you could use a mixing bowl as the basket, if it was a beer one then you could use one of those tin beer buckets, a food one could be an old fashioned hamper, a cookie one could be a jar. You probably get the idea now!
  2. Then you will want shredded tissue paper or failing that just tissue paper and the items that you want to add in the gift basket. You may also want ribbons and cellophane.
  3. Start by filling the basket half full with the tissue paper and then place the gift items in the basket. Put the tallest items at the back of the basket with the rest of the items in front or in the middle with the items around them. You don't want to have any of the items hidden!
  4. If it is an anniversary that has an obvious color to it then you may want to wrap each item individually in colored paper.
  5. Next cover the whole basket in cellophane and tie a big ribbon around it and you are done!

You could always cheat and buy one of the baskets above, perfect if you have to send it a long distance.

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