50th Wedding Anniversary Decoration Supplies

50th wedding anniversary decoration is all about gold, but before you go out and buy everything golden that you see you need to think about your budget, the look you want to create and the room you are decorating.

When you visit the venue, think about areas you want to hide or show off.

Room Decorations

If the room is missing a focal point think about having a balloon arch or columns. Worth getting an expert in for these, but if you just want clusters of balloons tied together you could do these yourself if you have time. Just hire a cannister and buy the balloons from a party supply shop, it does save you some money doing it yourself. You can buy gold balloons, 50th anniversary balloons and also number balloons so you could have a large floating 50.

gold tables for a 50th anniversary party

Another way to add a focal point is to frame old wedding photographs or mount them on gold card, or you could have your guests bring old photos of themselves and have a laugh trying to think who they are!

If your room as a large wall that you want to hide you could drape it with gold tulle and have fairy lights behind it for a magical glow. Fairy lights add extra magic where ever you put them and they are a great alternative to candles as they are much safer.

If you are lucky to have high ceilings or you are in a big tent then you may want to hang decorations from the ceiling, paper lanterns work really well and you can get them in gold colors to add to your theme.

Also check with the venue about areas that you are not allowed to decorate - fire exits and staff entrances are ones to avoid.

50th Anniversary Centerpieces And Table Decorations

50th anniversary party table

When decorating your tables you can add splashes of gold; gold napkins, gold flowers or gold ribbon. An easy centerpiece decoration for your tables is to have a mirror tile (available from diy stores) in the middle with gold candles and gold glass beads on the top. The mirror reflects the candle light and produces a lovely intimate look, remember to check with the venue if you are allowed candles.

There are also lots of gold colored flowers that you can use for your decorations; roses, cala lillies, and chrysanthemums are a few that are easy to find most of the year. You could have beautiful floral centerpieces at each table and a larger display maybe at the entrance so everyone gets to see it!

Table confetti is nice and easy, you can scatter metallic mini 50s all over each table or for a more formal and natural look you could have dried gold rose petals.

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