18th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your 18th wedding anniversary gift is a coming of age and worth celebrating with some great gifts!

The 18th wedding anniversary is celebrated with porcelain from the modern anniversary list and there are lots of gorgeous gift options.

Alternatively there is also the gemstone list and here your 18th anniversary is celebrated with Chrysoprase.

Plus on some gift lists there is also feathers and yes we have a gift idea for that too ....

Shop 18th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Porcelain has come of age and here are some gorgeous modern gifts.

mr and mrs anniversary mug

Personalized Mr and Mrs Mug makes a great Anniversary gift and a fantastic way to start your day.

There are lots to choose from, but we love this pair of mugs as you can personalize with your wedding date too!

Check out our top anniversary mugs.

ceramic jewelry box

This gorgeous ceramic jewelry box has been hand crafted in Thailand. It is decorated with butterflies and lotus blossoms and would be a treasured anniversary gift.

Perfect for all of your anniversary jewelry!

Alternative 18th Anniversary Gift Ideas

18th anniversary roseFeather Anniversary Teddy
  • Alternatively some believe that the 18th anniversary gift is traditionally feathers, representing lightness and agility and we have found you handcrafted bouquets made from, you've guessed it ...feathers.
  • But don't whatever you do buy a feather duster for your gift!
  • You could buy a set of feather pillows for your bed and cover them in a personalized set of romantic pillow cases.
  • A trip to your local bird park, to watch flamingos, swans and other romantic birds that love to stick with their mate for life.
  • For the old fashioned gentleman in your life you could buy a wet shave set, complete with brushes, razors and porcelain bowl.
  • For the more practical man or woman in your life you could buy a new porcelain bathroom suite!
  • Our twist on porcelain has to be a night away in a luxurious hotel with a beautiful porcelain bathroom. That would be funny booking your room and asking for the best bathroom in the house!

Have a great anniversary.

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