Best Anniversary Gifts For A Wife From Her Husband

Have you ever wanted to buy the most lavish Anniversary gift for your wife?

Giving the gift that you know she will treasure above all else, would be pretty amazing and so worth it! Don’t worry this is not about spending a ridiculous amount of money but instead it is about finding those gifts that will blow her away.

Of course we do realise that a brand new car, tied with a big bow, or a luxury cruise would be out of this world but this is not about those. Anyone can spend a big amount of money! And this is not about anyone.

Moving swiftly on, here are some once in a lifetime type Anniversary gifts that will definitely wow without breaking the bank.

Your Love Story

This is a big romantic gift that your wife will love, your very own love story made up from all of your favorite memories and fun times you have had together over the years.

Putting this together is not as hard as it sounds. They will also send your book almost anywhere in the world too.

All of the details are here...

Anniversary Club

If you have ever nearly forgotten your anniversary, then this gift idea is for you!

The anniversary club by Just Paper Roses.

They make the most amazing roses out of the material of your anniversary year. When you sign up to the club your wife will automatically be sent a rose or bouquet, each year.

Perfect if you are feeling a bit forgetful! Or instead you could choose a rose in this year’s material.

yearly anniversary gifts for your wife

Personalized Canvas

A personalized canvas is such a romantic gift.

You could choose to have your important dates printed onto canvas; when you met, when you were engaged, married, children or other dates that mean something to you both.

Or you could have your favorite photo of the two of you, or a big shout out showing how much you love them.

There are lots of Personalized Anniversary Canvas' available to buy in our online store, you will find the perfect one for you.

couples personalized canvas dates

Sparkly Jewels

We are talking a gorgeous sparkly ring, earrings or pendant, something that is classic. And classic normally means diamonds, they don’t date and are stunning. However, when it comes to celebrating your anniversary you may want to have a look at the Gemstone list and choose the gem from the year you are celebrating.

It would be great if it was a piece of jewelry that they will be able to wear anywhere and all the time. You so know that they will want to show it off, because it will be very special.

Here are some great sites, with great deals, that have lots of fantastic jewelry that will fit with your Wedding Anniversary theme. Just click, start designing, and see your unique piece of jewelry come to life in seconds.

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A Room Full Of Flowers

Have you ever seen a classic movie where the man fills the room with gorgeous flowers? You may not have done, but your wife will have and it is such a big romantic gesture, perfect for your anniversary. You may not want to send a room full but how about a box filled with gorgeous flowers?

Or a box of rose petals and scatter them in the bath and on the bed, just like they do in glamorous hotels. This would be fab if you had something similar on your wedding night or honeymoon.

15% off Anniversary Plants & Gifts at ProPlants

Also, have a think about whether you have ever promised your wife a gift, you know the gift that you have said one day you will get. If there is such a gift, now might be the time to get it!

There is a story/joke that goes along similar lines:

Husbands Do Remember

A husband and wife were out shopping together, when the wife realised that her husband was no longer there. She was pretty mad, as they had lots to do and looked everywhere for him but couldn’t find him. Then her cell rang and it was her husband, who said – “Honey you remember when we were first together and we went shopping and you saw the most amazing diamond ring in the little jewelers at the end of the road?”

“Yes” gasped the wife, her heart pounding.

“Well…” said the husband. “I am in the bar next door.”

If there is a moral in that, it is probably remember the gift!

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