Romantic Valentines Gifts For Your Wife

Valentine's Day comes just once a year which makes it even more special.

It gives you the biggest excuse to show your wife just how much you love her, in a big over the top romantic way!

The Best Romantic Valentines Gifts For Your Wife

1. Romantic Flowers

Number one has to be flowers, but don't just think a bouquet, think personalized.

And this could be;

  • A replica of your wedding bouquet
  • A rose for every single Valentines
  • or a Rose for every year you have been married
  • Or your very own Personalized bouquet of flowers that will last forever, these are available here.

Meaning Of Roses On Valentines

  • Red Roses mean "I Love You"
  • Yellow Roses mean friendship
  • Pink Roses mean "Thank you"
  • Orange Roses mean passion and desire
  • 1 Rose means love at first sight
  • 2 Red Roses means two people who are deeply in love
  • 3 Roses stand for the 3 words "I Love You"
  • 10 Roses mean you are perfect 
  • 12 Roses mean be my steady 

2. Cute Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry is a lovely way to show your wife how much you love her.

You could personalize with

  • A secret love note
  • The date you first met
  • Both of your names together
  • Or a message of love

We have lots or Personalized Jewelry to choose from in our Anniversary Collection

3. Love Coupons

Love coupons are a sweet Valentines Gift for your wife and one that you can have a lot of fun with!

romantic love coupons

4. Romantic Weekend Away

Everyone loves to be a little bit spoilt and have the chance to enjoy each others company.

You don't have to go away on Valentines Weekend as that can be a bit false and you will quite likely find yourself in a restaurant with a whole load of other couples.

Instead, book your Weekend and gift a travel book or an invitation to your surprise Weekend treat, especially since we are still in the middle of a pandemic it will be a lovely gift to look forward to when we can travel.

Lots of ideas for a Romantic Weekend Away here.

5. Romantic Art

Your wife will love that you want to show your love so publicly if you chose this as your Valentines Gift.

We have lots of very cute personalized wall art in our Store.

6. Your Own Love Book

This is one of our most popular gifts all through the year and there are lots of different styles to choose from.

  • You even get to create your own mini yous.
  • And also tell your own Love Story here.

Or you could have fun and make your own love book full of memories and photos.

7. Make Your Own Gift

romantic valentines gifts for your wife

Seriously, it isn't that hard and we have a ton of homemade gift ideas on our pinterest boards.

  • Cuddle Kits
  • Cute Ways to say I Love You
  • Pictures
  • Romantic Art
  • Date Ideas

Whatever you make you know your wife will adore it.

8. Your Favorite Photos in Best Couple Frame

Your favorite photo of the two of you will look perfect in our Best Couple Ever frame because that is just what you are.

Available in store here ...

9. Where We Met Jigsaw Puzzle

Remember that moment when you first met?

The one where your whole life changed for the better!

You can create your very own Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle which shows the exact spot. This makes a very sweet Valentine's Gift and something that you can do together.

Create your Valentine's Puzzle here ...

10. Dinner Date For Two

Invite your wife to a romantic dinner date at home, with candles and her favorite food all cooked by you.

It will be perfect!

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