Gemstone Anniversary Year Gifts

Choosing your anniversary gift is not just about the traditional and modern, or even the flower lists, there are precious gemstones for anniversary celebrations, too.

Plus you can also use both of your birthstones to create a unique piece of jewelry to celebrate both of you.

Here we have listed the stone for each anniversary and included the stone's meaning as well.

The Gemstone Anniversary List & Their Meanings

We have concentrated on the meanings that bring love, happiness, health and wealth as they fit so well with each year's anniversary gifts, but it is not just about the meanings.

These anniversary stones are stunning to look at as well.

The anniversary stones are a great way to find the perfect anniversary jewelry for your wife or husband and you could include the meaning in the box.

Here is the list of gemstones associated with each anniversary, for more information on each stone please click on the link.

1st Mother of Pearl - it signifies faith and charity and is associated with protection and wealth

2nd Garnet - this stone attracts love and soul mates and enhances creativity

3rd Moonstone -brings good fortune and it is said that if you give your lover a moonstone necklace on a full moon you will always have passion

4th Blue Topaz - Topaz is the stone of true love

5th Rose Quartz - Keep the stone under your pillow and your marriage will have sparkle. Plus it makes you look younger too.

6th Amethyst - the stone of protection.

7th Onyx - is good for general happiness and prosperity.

8th Tourmaline - enhances tolerance and understanding, as well as protection.

9th Lapis Lazuli - promotes harmony in relationships and a stone for truth and friendship.

10th Crystal for patience and tranquility Green Tourmaline, protects and draws money and revitalizes your joy in life!

11th Turquoise protects the wearer from negative energy and brings good fortune

12th Jade is used to draw love, prosperity, protection and healing.

13th Citrine will give joy and love to the owner, and it's also known as the lucky merchant's stone!

14th Opal - the stone of love for faithful lovers!

15th Rhodolite builds up confidence and love.

16th Peridot - Napoleon once made a gift of peridot to Josephine as a symbol of undying love and admiration. It is the stone of lightness and beauty.

17th Carnelian - gives your energy a boost and helps with a sense of humour, which is an important factor when you are married!

18th Chrysoprase encourages hope and joy.

19th Aquamarine - Folklore says the aquamarine will protect against gossip and if you are planning a cruise for this year's anniversary it is meant to protect you on the water.

20th Emerald is the sacred stone of the goddess Venus and is said to preserve love.

21st Iolite, takes you on the journey of enlightenment and also helps with money and debt problems too.

22nd Blue Zircon, love, luck, happiness and prosperity

23rd Yellow Topaz draws love to its wearer

24th Tanzanite promotes compassion and links your mind with your heart.

25th Tsavorite encourages self awareness and could be combined with the traditional gift of silver to make a perfect anniversary gift.

27th Jet Stone is believed to bring calm energy and protects you from negative energy

30th Pearl is the symbol of purity and elegance.

35th Emerald also brings good fortune and youth!

37th - Alabaster a stone of purity and to ward off negative energy

40th Ruby is filled with love and brings friendship and love when given as a gift.

45th Sapphire - the stone of loyalty and fidelity

50th Gold promotes good health and success.

55th Alexandrite stimulates pleasure and love.

60th Diamond - everlasting love and strength

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