Sensual Chrysoprase For Your 18th Anniversary

Gorgeous Chrysoprase, the anniversary stone of 18 years and deep in color, from apple green to a deep dark green, this is a very popular gemstone. The intensity of the color is due to the levels of nickel in the gem.

Known as the stone of Venus, which according to astronomers is the planet that rules sex, sensuality, love and marriage. It seems rather an apt stone for celebrating your wedding anniversary.

It is also believed to symbolize happiness – which really is fundamental in all relationships.

History of Chrysoprase Gemstone

Chrysoprase has been popular for hundreds of years – Egyptians, Romans and Greeks all used the stone and it was really one of the stones of the Art Deco period, where they copied the designs of the Ancient Egyptians after the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Alexandra the Great was also believed to wear a girdle decorated with the stone, not that we are saying you should be gifting a girdle for your anniversary. It just sounds painful!

Instead there are a number of gorgeous pieces of jewelry to choose from, we are pretty sure one of these anniversary gifts would be more stylish.

How Do You Choose Chrysoprase?

The best Chrysoprase gemstone is one that according to the International Gemstone Society has medium to dark colors. 

The darker colors are more desirable but you don't want it too dark as it is it's translucent colors that really showcase it's qualities. You want the sparkle that this gives.

As Chrysoprase is porous it can fade with the light and equally be reinvigorated with exposure to moisture.

How Do You Know If Your Chrysoprase Is Real?

Checking if your Chrysoprase is real is a bit of an oxymoron as you are looking for imperfections in the stone. You want to see different shades of green and not just one color. 

However, the very best Chrysoprase also has very few imperfections so the best bet is to ensure you buy from a reputable gem store.

Shop Chrysoprase Anniversary Gifts

Lots of gorgeous handcrafted jewelry with Chrysoprase is available from

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Alternative 18th Anniversary Gifts

Your 18th anniversary is celebrated on the modern list with porcelain.

Chrysoprase Themed Anniversary Vacation

If you prefer to get away from it all on your anniversary vacation why not use the origins of Chrysoprase as your destination?

The best Chrysoprase comes from ; Queensland, Australia for the finest gems where it is known as Australian Jade, or Brazil, Germany, India, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, United States, Zimbabwe.

These almost cover the entire globe, so you have quite a choice for vacation spots.

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