What To Buy Your Wife On Your Anniversary

This is an age old question "What do you buy your wife on your anniversary?" and the answer is definitely something and don't forget the card too.

It's not that your wife will expect an expensive gift, this really is the time when the meaning behind the gift is so much more important.


If you are looking for easy and gorgeous, flowers are perfect.

But be creative with the flowers you choose. Can you remember the flowers that were in your wife's bouquet? Or is there a favorite flower? 

Or take a look at the Anniversary flower list (yes there really is a flower for every year) and have a bouquet made up of this year's flowers, with a note as to why you have chosen them.

Or you could look at gifting a bouquet of flowers made up from the traditional material.


Jewelry is always a good choice, either choose something amazing that you know they will love or if you are looking for something more unusual take a peak at the gemstone Anniversary list (yes there really is a gem for every year) and choose something to go with your year.

Some anniversary years do already have a traditional jewelry gift - silver for 25 years, pearl for 30 years, ruby for 40 years and gold for 50. You can also find jewelry from more unusual materials that fit with the traditional theme.


Personalized gift, one that shows how much your wife means to you.

This could be a locket with a little love note inside, or your wedding date engraved with the time you said your vows, or the time you met.

Can't remember the time? Then how about the latitude and longitude of where you met?

And add a photo of the two of you to go inside.

You can also find personalized canvas prints, cushion covers, bags, purses and even wine glasses. That would be good to celebrate with.


A romantic date, true it is not a gift to unwrap but it will be remembered for years if you do it right! Her favorite place, or somewhere she has always wanted to go, a revisit to your first date.

Make the evening even more special by surprising her, this could be a fab car to come and pick up to go on the date. Maybe send her flowers during the day to say how much you are looking forward to the evening or texts.

If you are really wanting to wow how about an anniversary vacation for a weekend/week long date?

Something Gorgeous For Your Wife On Your Anniversary

Something gorgeous that you know your wife will love.

If she love chocolates then a box or gift basket of her favorites, if she loves perfume then a bottle of her favorite - or check to see if there is one that is running out. 

It maybe a book by her favorite author or a book that you know she has wanted to read for ages.

You know your wife better than anyone, you know what she will love and you are more than likely to find it on Amazon!

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