Life Changing Anniversary Gifts For Husbands

Anniversary gifts for husbands, what do you buy the man that has everything? A villa in the sun? A holiday? Or the chance to sack his boss and work at home? The first two are great gifts but the last one will keep on giving and with hard work and passion is completely possible. Here is how we are living the life we want.

This website was Simon's Christmas present, we already knew that having a website and working from home works, I have been writing about cheap weddings on my own site for the last 18 months and it provides me with an income while I am a work at home mum.

At first Simon was sceptical, I knew nothing about websites, I was great at shopping online but had never built a website! I knew I needed something that would fit in with the children that I could do while they were asleep or at nursery and spent hours and hours searching for the ideal opportunity. I had already dabbled in selling stuff on Ebay but it wasn't a real income, just bits.

I had read about people making money from adverts on their site and amongst the many get rich quick schemes I came across Solo Build It a Canadian company that would show me how to build a website, how to get people to visit my site and how to make money. Don't panic if you don't know any html or web language this whole site has been built by me just typing the text into the blocks that I am provided with. (If you are more web savvy than us you can also upload your own pages) You write about what you are interested in, from hobbies to work related themes and then make money from it.

There are lots of people using this system from all over the world, have a look at the videos to get an idea how other people are using the system to live the life that they want.

It does take some time to build your website, we find it a great project that we can do together and love the fact that it is getting us closer to being financially independant. Our dream is to have both of us working from home.

If your dream is to sack your boss, and you are looking for great anniversary gifts for husbands, take a look at Solo Build It.


We deliver Anniversary Gifts to USA & UK, Europe, Australia

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