Anniversary Meanings - What Does This Year Mean?

Just like there are lots of anniversary lists, there are also lots of anniversary meanings.

The most basic meaning is that as the years of your relationship pass and you grow as a couple, so do the gifts that are associated with each year.

Anniversary Meanings By Year

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  • Traditionally paper is associated with your 1st anniversary it is not considered to be as worthy as tin, which is the material associated with your 10th anniversary.

However a lot of great things are made with paper, items that have changed the world and so it can also be thought of as one of the most valuable gifts that you can give. Your 1st anniversary is just as valuable, as it is the first of many.

  • Your 2nd is traditionally made with straw or cotton, some believe the meaning of cotton to be associated with wiping away tears that may have come during your two years of marriage. It is time to move on and grow together.

  • Your 3rd is traditionally leather and as the phrase goes you are both happy in your own skin. You know each other as well as you know yourself.
  • Your 4th  is traditionally linen. Flax was traditionally used to make linen and is much stronger than cotton fibers. Having linen as your gift shows that you are growing stronger together.
  • Your 5th  is celebrated with wood. Trees have long been the symbol of life and health. This gift shows that you are growing together with deep roots.
  • Your 6th  is iron, your 7th is copper, your 8th is bronze. These are all metals that have great strength, just like your marriage.
  • Your 9th  is pottery, which is a reminder that you need to look after your relationship, otherwise it can break.
  • Your 10th is tin, your 11th is steel and again this shows the strength that you have.
  • Your 15th is traditionally celebrated with crystal, this shows the purity of your love and how natural it is.
  • Your 20th is celebrated with china, and just like your 9th with pottery, it is a gentle reminder to look after this love that you have.
  • Your 25th  is silver and your 50th  is gold. These anniversaries have been celebrated for hundreds of years and they are valuable metals, just like your relationship. Which shows you just how far you have come!

How To Add Meaning To Your Anniversary Gifts

Adding romance and meaning to your Anniversary Gifts is fun, here are some lovely Anniversary Gifts that would be perfect for every year.

Your two hearts together forever in this silver necklace.

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Lots of very cute pillowcases and throw pillows with lots of sweet Anniversary messages here.

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One of the most romantic gifts is a love letter straight from your heart.

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anniversary meanings

The fun part about choosing your gifts according to the lists is that some years it can be tricky, what do you buy the city loving couple when it is their straw anniversary? You could go out and buy great seats to the latest show or treat them to a table at the latest restaurant - all are lovely but if you could find the perfect gift from this years meaning that would be the icing on the cake. As well as the restaurant and the show!

The anniversary meanings come from the traditional and modern lists and you also have the  flower list. The meanings on the flower list follow the meanings of the flowers, and they are beautiful.

Mix the lists up to find the perfect gift for your loved one each year, or set yourself the challenge of sticking with one list for every year. We are trying to stick with the traditional list - mainly because I never realised there were so many lists to choose from when we started our wedding anniversary celebrations and I am not too good when there are lots of choices.

To help you out we have put ideas for every anniversary, just go to your anniversary year to take you to this years gift ideas.

So, going back to the city loving couple, if you had a peek at the lists you will know that they are celebrating their 2nd anniversary. Fill a basket (straw) with lots of yummy goodies, if it is for your partner take them away for a romantic weekend in the countryside or arrange a romantic picnic with your hamper full of goodies in your own living room!

A bowl of strawberries would be yummy too - sorry couldn't resist the pun.

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