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17th Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • Your 17th wedding anniversary gift is celebrated with furniture from the modern anniversary list, 
  • the traditional anniversary list does not have a symbol for your 17th and nor does the flower anniversary list!
  • However, you will be pleased to know that the gemstone Anniversary List does and it is the stunning Carnelian.

Carnelian, which is alleged to give your energy a boost and helps with a sense of humor, which is an important factor when you are married, as we all know!

Carnelian Gifts

Carnelian is a beautiful redish brown gemstone and is found mainly in India and South America. If you fancied having an anniversary vacation then these would be great places to visit.

carb=nelian and peridot bracelt

This beautiful Peridot and Carnelian bracelet has been handcrafted with the gemstones hand tied onto silk strands.

The two stones are a combination of your 17th and 16th anniversaries.

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carnelian choker necklace

This gorgeous handcrafted choker necklace is made with glowing Carnelian stones all the way from Brazil.


carnelian cufflinks

And not forgetting the boys! These beautiful handcrafted Carnelian cufflinks would be a lovely reminder of your 17th anniversary.

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Furniture Gift Ideas

  • A great new bed or a piece of furniture that you will treasure forever. Furniture is such a personal thing, what one couple would love to live with, another might hate. With that in mind it is probably best to buy furniture if you are the anniversary couple but if you are buying a gift for them maybe look along the lines of things that go with furniture. Table cloths, vases, cushions, or new linen.
  • For a twist on the anniversary theme furniture is found at great restaurants, hotels, spas and even at football grounds! Whatever the anniversary couple are in to you could twist into an anniversary gift.
  • Don't just think furniture for the house as your garden has lots of furniture possiblities; new sun loungers, garden tables and chairs and even a barbeque could be considered.
  • For those of you that love to travel you could visit the origins of great furniture - trees! Think adventures in the rain forest, or beautiful walks through great woods.

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