60th Wedding Anniversary Decorations

A 60th Wedding Anniversary is a big celebration for all family and friends, the chance to show your Anniversary couple just how much they mean to you all and you want it to look great too.

A traditional theme of Diamonds for your 60th Anniversary will make your party sparkle.

Plan Your Decorations

Before you go out and buy every possible 60th Anniversary themed decoration it is a good idea to have a plan. At this point you will know the room that you will be holding the celebration.

Where you hold the party will depend entirely on your Anniversary couple, it may be that they will prefer to be in their own home, their favorite restaurant, their place of worship or they may want a massive party in a big hotel.

Wherever you choose it is best to break the decorations down in to three distinct areas;

  • The entrance
  • The party room
  • The tables

60th Wedding Anniversary Entrance Decorations

Starting with the entrance to your party you could have:

  • 60th Anniversary balloons tied to the fence or gate
  • An Anniversary wreath on the front door
  • A personalized banner announcing your couple's 60th Wedding Anniversary
  • A cute chalkboard sign - We Still Do
  • If it is the evening then you could have fairy lights or candles in jars lighting the path.

Decorations outside make everything feel magical!

60th Anniversary Party Room

Visualize the room where you are having the Anniversary Party and think about where the furniture will be as it might be in a different place than normal.

Also, are there any areas in the room that you would like to hide?

A focal point for your decorations could be where the Anniversary couple are sitting or maybe the Anniversary Cake, here you could have

  • a 60th Wedding Anniversary banner 
  • or a beautiful photo of the Anniversary couple from either their wedding day or today
  • You could have a photo collage from the past 60 years
  • A large "60"
  • If you have a wall that you want to hide you could use tulle and fairly lights or cover with a curtain and use the area as a photo area

60th Wedding Anniversary Table Decorations

Diamond themed centerpieces perfect for your 60th Wedding Anniversary tables

Photo by DJ Roman

If you are having a sit down meal or want seating for your guests to be able to chat over the good times it is a nice touch to have decorations that add to your 60th Anniversary party theme.

  • Flower centerpieces will always look gorgeous and you can add little "diamond" gemstones to the arrangements.
  • Diamonds scattered on the tables 
  • "60" table confetti
  • 60th Anniversary balloons
  • Candles always add magic to a room and if you used glass candlesticks or glass votives it would add a sparkly diamond feel to the room

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