Tenth Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Wife

10th anniversary gifts for wife

Tenth anniversary gift ideas for your wife are traditionally made from tin

and although you probably won't get away with a tin of beans as the greatest romantic gift ...  

....there are lots of ways to make 10th anniversary gifts romantic!

Take the tin of beans for example and add a romantic camping trip for the two of you with a camp fire, a bottle of bubbly and then the tin of beans would be a sweet gift that you could cook for your romantic meal.

And then there is your love story from the past 10 years, just think of all those special moments you have had and include those in your gifts.

  • A gift that shows where it all began
  • When you met 
  • Where you met
  • Where you are both from
  • Or a gift that keeps both of your hearts together...

10th anniversary roses

Romantic Aluminum Flowers

This is one of those anniversary gifts that will be treasured forever! And if you were thinking of sending a bouquet of flowers to your wife then this would be perfect as the roses are made out of aluminum.

More information at Just Paper Roses.

Tins can also be containers for plants and you could create a stunning display in your own backyard, or you could make your very own tin can tealight holders and add a touch of candle light romance to your backyard.

10th anniversary gifts


Tins are great for all sorts of gifts, if your wife has a hobby or loves collecting a particular item then you could use the tin as your gift box and fill it with all sorts of treat that you know she will love. You could use the tin to hold tickets for her to see her favorite band or team.

Lots of tins available at Amazon

10th Anniversary Diamond Jewelry

diamond10th anniversary gift ideas for your wife

Of course there is also the modern anniversary list and for that your 10th gift is diamonds!

That is one big present and one that will last a lifetime. Some husbands use the 10th anniversary as a time to buy the engagement ring that they couldn't afford all those years ago, others will look at buying their wife an anniversary ring or an eternity ring.

Diamond earrings are also a very popular diamond gift as they are something your wife can wear all the time and not just on special occasions. Diamond bracelets are also a beautiful anniversary gift.

Our Diamond Anniversary Jewelry comes in an engraved gift box with your own Anniversary message, available in store today.

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