Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift List
From Your 1st to Your 65th Anniversary

The modern wedding anniversary list was introduced in 1937 by the American National Retail Jewelry Association and as you can imagine has a lot of jewelry on it!

But to be kind it also has practical anniversary gifts that are useful to married couples today.

Another positive for the modern anniversary list is that it provides alternative gifts for years where the traditional gift is not a possibility today. For example your 14th anniversary is traditionally celebrated with ivory which you could interpret as the color ivory or use the modern ethical choice of a gift made from the tagua nut, take a look at the modern anniversary list for your 14th anniversary gift and you could have gold! No longer do you have to wait 50 years as you would on the traditional list!

Also the modern anniversary list has every anniversary on it, whereas the the traditional has every anniversary until the 15th and then every 5 years after.

There is definitely a place for all of the anniversary lists, you can mix them up as you celebrate your anniversaries or stick rigidly to one for a challenge!

How To Turn An Unromantic Modern Anniversary Gift Symbol Into A Romantic Gift

As you can see there are some very strange anniversary gifts on the modern list! Take your 44th anniversary with groceries! Seriously that must be one of the most unromantic anniversary gifts there is! Well that is until you see that your 4th anniversary is celebrated with appliances!!

We love a new bit of tech as much as the next couple but is it romantic?

The best answer is that it can be - seriously, we are not kidding you!

Here are some ideas to turn the unromantic gifts on the modern wedding anniversary gift list into something that will wow.

  • It is always easier to start at the beginning, so we will start with the first unromantic gift which is your 4th and appliances. If you are really into your gadgets then this is a great gift whatever the appliance, but there are few of us who would love to have a new vacuum cleaner! So a new fridge with a bottle of Champagne chilling, a new music system with a great new album playing, a new gas fire and you have a cosy night in just the two of you. Adding the romance to the appliance is a lot easier than trying to find a romantic appliance.
  • Your 7th anniversary is celebrated with desk sets, aaaahhhh! Not a great gift and one that will have most of us jumping over to the traditional anniversary list! So one way to make that more romantic is to have it include love notes from you, and maybe a great pen too! You could have that engraved with a little note.
  • Thankfully the last really unromantic gift on this list is your 44th anniversary with groceries. Here the romance could be doing the grocery shop together! Or have it delivered so you don't have to. Or if you are into yummy food and let's face it no one is into yucky food, you could take a trip to a gourmet store and treat yourselves.

Enjoy finding the perfect gift.

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