The Five Love Languages For A Happy Marriage

The Five Love Languages are the 5 ways to show each other how much you love and care for each other. They were identified by Gary Chapman in his book The 5 Love Languages.

The 5 Love Languages

five languages of love in marriage

1. Positive Affirmation - if this is your language of love you will feel loved when your partner tells you something positive. It could be that you look great, or something you did was amazing, or that they tell you your's was a great idea.

2. Touch - if this is your language of love you will feel loved when they hold your hand or cuddle up with you. You need the physical feeling to know you are cared for.

3. Quality Time - if this is your language of love you will feel great when you have spent time together and not so great if you are both so busy you are finding it hard to find time alone.

4. Acts of Service - if this is your language of love, you feel loved when they do something just for you. It could be making a coffee for you, or doing a job that they know you hate to do or making something just because they know you will like it.

5. Gifts - if this is your language of love, you will love it when they leave you a note, send you flowers, or bring you a something from the store just for you and you will hate it if they missed your birthday or your Anniversary.

Every couple is different and we are all so different and just because we are married and love each other it does not mean we experience the feeling of love the same way. 

One of you may love to receive little gifts and thoughtful notes to feel loved, the other may love to spend time together just the two of you.

Finding out which language of love you both speak and then start to speak it to them is the key to a Happy Marriage.

Don't forget, we may each have more than one language of love!

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