Top 10 Most Romantic Gifts For Your Husband

Your anniversary, his birthday or just because you want to show your man just how much you love him, romantic gifts for your husband are perfect. And our top ten are even better as you can make or put them together all yourself.

Just make sure you leave yourself time to get them all done!

1. Love Jar

There are lots of ways to fill a jar with love:

  • Reasons I Love You
  • Naughty Moments
  • Memories
  • 100 Reasons I Love You
  • Date Night Ideas – although that one is always fun to do together.

There are some lovely jars with mini envelopes from Kind Notes, they make this gift look extra special.

2. Time

There is nothing more romantic than spending time together, a date, a weekend away, or even a romantic vacation.

3. Cook Your Husband's Favorite Meal

There is an old English proverb saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” if this is true for your man, set the table, light the candles and start cooking. He will love that you have cooked his favorites and enjoy them all the more.

4. Write A Love Poem

If you have the skill, go for it as there is nothing more romantic than this. Or hand write a copy of your favorite poem or one that has the perfect words for you both.

We have lots of anniversary poems that you could use if you are not feeling that creative.

5. Romantic Scrap Book

  • 100 Reasons I Love You
  • Your favorite moments you have both enjoyed together
  • Date memories
  •  Your vacations
  • All of your homes with memories

Photo by DNAMichaud

6. Framed Photo

Framed photo of where you first met, your first kiss or your first date. That’s in no particular order! And you could have a photo from all of your best and first places.

7. Love Canvas 

There are lots of very romantic canvas' that would be perfect to show your husband just how much he means to you.

8. Love Messages

And we mean everywhere! You could fill a room with balloons and have a message tied to the ribbon. Post it notes stuck all over their car or room.

Photo by Material Aart

9. Favorite Movie Night

Love this idea as it is so personal, we all have favorite movies and your husband must do too. You could fill a basket with a DVD of his movie, popcorn, drinks and maybe even a great big throw for you both to cuddle up under.

Photo by BargainBri

10. Favorite Day

Spend the day together doing everything that your husband loves to do. Make it the perfect day filled with everything that you know he loves.

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