LGBT Anniversary Gifts

We celebrate every couple's Anniversary...

... Love is love 

So whether you are a couple who are Lesbian, Gay, Transgender or Straight we want to help you find the perfect Anniversary gift for the love of your life.

And all of our gifts can be personalized with any name or nick name you would like to add. 

                               From Fluffykins to Cutie Pie, to some names we probably can't type here, have been added to our gifts.

Just please double check your spelling when you add your personalization!

Here are some fab Anniversary Gifts we think you would like and there are many more in store.

LGBT Anniversary Gifts By Year

lgbt anniversary gifts for gay and lesbian couples

You can also choose your Anniversary Gifts by year and we know a number of LGBT couples who choose to use both lists to celebrate their Anniversary.

  • Some couples use the traditional Gift list for the Anniversary of when they met, became civil partners or moved in together.
  • And then the modern list is used for their Anniversary of when their Marriage became legal.

To make it even more of a gift challenge you could try and incorporate both lists in the same gift...

  • If you met 5 years ago and married 1 year ago that would be a traditional gift of wood and a modern gift of clocks, so a Personalized wooden clock would fit nicely into both lists.
  • If you met 10 years ago and married 2 years ago you would have a traditional gift of Aluminum and a modern gift of cotton.
  • If you became a couple 45 years ago and married 2 years ago, then you would be mixing up Sapphires from the traditional list with china from the modern list. A fun mug would be great, or a mug with a Sapphire necklace inside would work too. You could also work the lists the other way round and have cotton for your 2 years and Sapphires for your 45 years. These Sapphire colored Love Pillows would be perfect.

As you can see there are lots of ways to include the gift lists but you don't have to stick with these...

    You know what they love, it could be a great big grand Anniversary adventure or a romantic vacation, a night in with just the two of you or a celebration of your love with a fantastic party

That's the great thing about Anniversaries they are all about the two of you, so you get to choose.

Happy Anniversary!

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