5 Easy Anniversary Gifts For Guys 

Picking anniversary gifts for guys can definitely be a struggle. If you have one of these special events coming up in the near future, here are some tips on what to purchase for your husband to show him how much you love him.

Tickets to a Favorite Event

Guys want to know you've been paying attention so if you give your husband tickets to a sporting match featuring his favorite team or a concert with a band he loves then he's going to appreciate not only the gesture but also the fact that you do know what he likes.

Now just because you give him two tickets that doesn't mean you have to be the one who goes with him either. Part of the gift can be giving him a night out with the guys. And, let's face it, a happy marriage doesn't require spending every moment together. But joining in and having fun is a great way to enjoy your anniversary.

Check out the great deals on Ticket Network they have loads of sporting events and concerts for you to choose from.


Most guys seem to love electronics. Take them into any store and that's one of the main places where they gravitate.

Depending on your budget, you might consider heading to that part of the store to pick out something special for him.

Next time he starts browsing pay attention to the things he looks at with an admiring eye. Those are good options for gifts.

You don't necessarily have to buy him a widescreen television but you could purchase a new iPod or even accessories for his cell phone. If he plays video games, he might be happy with a game, Microsoft Points, or have a look at Amazon to get an idea of what games are hot at the moment.

Anniversary Trip

No matter which anniversary you are celebrating, a short trip or vacation is always a nice way to celebrate. You probably know of some travel destinations he's been wanting to visiting so why not surprise him?

Book a nice hotel or bed and breakfast room for a weekend at the location, arrange a babysitter for the kids, and have everything packed so you can head out as soon as you give him the good news.

And if you can't take off for an entire weekend or if there's no good destinations nearby, just find a nice hotel in your hometown and have a private evening alone as a way to celebrate. He'll definitely love that.


While it may not sound like an incredibly personal gift, watches can be very popular anniversary gifts for guys. You can find a wide-range of watch styles and prices to fit almost any budget.

Some are quite expensive, but you'll find more affordable options, too. If your husband doesn't like to wear a watch, he might prefer a pocket watch.

The best part is that almost any watch can be engraved. You can add your own message, your initials, the date of your marriage, or whatever else you choose.

Dinner Date

Another good idea for anniversary gifts for guys is a nice dinner. Remember the way to a man's heart is supposed to be through his stomach so if you can feed him a delicious meal then you'll have his heart forever. Or you can choose his favorite restaurant.

Or you could cook him the special meal in the privacy of your home - this is a good choice if he loves your cooking ... or order take-out ;)

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