1 Year Anniversary Gifts For Him

You have just had the best first year of marriage or first year together..

  1. It's been awesome
  2. you want to show your husband or boyfriend just how much you love him.

Here are some beautiful 1 year Anniversary Gifts that he will love.

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1st Anniversary Gift Symbol & Meaning For Him

1st anniversary gift for your husband
  • 1 year anniversary gifts are traditionally made from paper or if you want to follow the modern anniversary list then you have clocks.
  • If you are really clever then you could look to combine the two, just think futuristic paper gadget that can tell the time and you are sorted!

Until that time comes here are manly and romantic gifts that are made from paper to fit with the traditional theme.

  • The meaning behind paper for your First Anniversary gift is that it represents the care needed to look after each other.
  • Plus lots of great things have been written on and created with paper, just like your marriage.

Best One Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Man

Paper Tickets For Your 1st Anniversary

You can't get more manly or papery than tickets to their favorite game, or if you are feeling very generous a season ticket, just remember a season ticket ties them up most weekends and if you like having them around this might not be the best option. (Yes that is the voice of experience!)

  • Concert Tickets 
  • MLB Baseball Tickets
  • NFL Football Tickets
  • Or how about tickets for a fabulous experience day?
  • Tickets to somewhere amazing
  • Tickets to see your favorite band
  • To be honest tickets to anywhere would be pretty cool! Even if you have made them yourself ;) check out our free printable Anniversary Coupons

Make it a date and go along too! Tickets in general are a great 1 year anniversary gift and most men love to celebrate by doing something fun. Have a look to see what gigs are on or if there is a show that you want to both see. 

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Love Note Cufflinks

These cufflinks are perfect for your 1st anniversary as you can hide a love note, written on paper, just for your husband inside each cufflink.

They can also be personalized with your husband's initials  or yours if you fancy a matching set?

More details are here.

Your first year together is special in that it is the first of many, you will have lots of fun times during that time and it is fun to look over your memories as the years go by.

Your 1st Anniversary Memories

How about creating a photobook or a collage filled with photos from your first year of marriage?

Not only will this be fun to look at now, it will be something that you will both treasure over the years.

This Live, Laugh, Love photo book is available from Amazon.

Personalized Romantic Book

Personalized Love Book

Yes, you can really buy your own love story! How cute is that?

You can fill your book with all the reasons that you love your man or you could have a look at love coupons too!! The mind boggles :)

Unlimited pages and really easy to customize on the LoveBookOnline website.

All the details are here.

Your Favorite Place Jigsaw Puzzle

This is such a sweet, romantic gift for a 1st Anniversary - a jigsaw puzzle showing your favorite place in the United States.

You could have:

  • Where you first met
  • Where you were engaged
  • Where you were married
  • Your first home together
  • Or any other special place

The jigsaw puzzle comes in a lovely presentation box and your favorite place will be in the heart shaped piece.

More details and how you can personalize your jigsaw puzzle in our Anniversary Shop

  • Your very own jigsaw puzzle - where you have to find the pieces first - you could make it the ultimate treasure hunt.

Personalized Art

Treat your husband to a gorgeous photo of the two of you.

This one is super cute as it will be printed with your names and Forever...

And forever is pretty important when you are celebrating your 1st year together.

Together forever!

This print is available from Personal Creations and there is 15% off everything if you use that link too!

Paper Gift Ideas

  • Monthly subscription to his favorite magazine
  • Books, checkout the bestsellers on Amazon
    • Stocks and shares are also a fun paper gift, you can buy shares in their favorite companies, just think what owning even one share in Harley or Microsoft would mean to them?
    • A framed print of their favorite artist or of their favorite place is a great gift that will last for years.
    • A fun gift idea is a paper pinata filled with their favorite candy, especially if you send it to his work! Just imagine all of his work colleagues wanting to have a go!
    • If you love to show how much you love your husband then 365 'I love you' post it notes all over his car would be a good start. Where you stick the notes is completely up to you!
    • Love notes are always a nice start to the day and finding them in unexpected places makes everyone feel great!

    Modern 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

    You don't just have to stick with paper for your anniversary gift as on the modern list you have clocks.

    • Clocks must be one of the most practical gifts that there is and it could easily mean a watch or maybe a clock for his office or shed - depending where his space is in your house! 
    • If your husband is into sports and especially running there are some great watches for timing and tracking your runs. 
    • A sweet idea is to have the watch or clock engraved with a sweet anniversary message.

    Personalized Clock

    favourite place clock

    Looking at the modern list your 1st anniversary is a clock.

    Lovely and practical, but you can also personalize it.

    This personalized clock has your favorite place centered on it.

    This could be where you met, were engaged or where you love to go.

    And is available in our store here.

    Funny 1st Anniversary Gift


    A very silly gift of 1st Anniversary toilet paper!

    "I love you from the top to the bottom"

    Perfect if your man likes funny.

    You can just hear the stories he will tell in years to come if anyone asks what he got to celebrate being married for one year.

    More Ideas For Your 1st Anniversary

    1st anniversary weekend away

    Make your first wedding anniversary a day of doing things together and that could be getting away from it all and enjoying one another's company.

    Or it could be as simple as a picnic!

    The photo is us enjoying a rare weekend away at Burgh Island - one of the most amazing places to stay and a real treat!

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    More 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

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