One Year Anniversary Gifts For Girlfriends And Boyfriends

celebrate your 1st anniversary

What do you get your boyfriend or girlfriend after you have been together a year?

A whole year together is very special, it's a big deal whatever your age and you will want to celebrate and show them how much you love them.

Traditionally your first anniversary is paper which is a fun gift to start your celebrations, especially if you are crafty or creative. Just think what you could do with all those post it notes! Or you could make a bouquet of paper flowers, or get someone to make them for you.

love story book

Your Own Love Story

How sweet is this? Your very own Love Story.

Have all of your favorite memories bound together to create a book you will want to read for years to come.

All of the details...

Paper Flowers

If you struggle with the idea of making your own paper flowers you may as well go straight to the experts! You can choose from origami orchids, camouflage roses, money roses, life like paper roses and even ones with your photo on! Can you imagine the look on your girlfriends face when she receives a delivery of flowers with your photo on! You might want to go with a photo of the two of you.
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1st anniversary gift in paper for your girlfriend

Paper Jewelry

This a sweet gift idea in that it fits with the paper theme but it is also a lovely gift too and one that you know your girlfriend will adore.

There are quite a few designs to choose from and all are made from recycled paper, perfect for the eco-friendly girlfriend and also for the fashion conscious.

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what I love about you 1st anniversary book

What I Love About You

This is a fun book where you can add all the bits about why you love them. It is a really sweet way to celebrate yuor first year together and just think years from now how lovely it will be to read all the good bits!
More information at Amazon

1st anniversary paper kite

Fun Paper Gifts

There are some very cute paper gifts that you can have some fun with and just love this paper kite from JustPaperRoses, they are the ones that make the fab paper flowers. This could be a cute thing to do on your anniversary.

You can also get 1st paper anniversary toilet paper, seriously! Just have a look at all the other slightly bizarre paper gifts!

1st anniversary love journal

Love Journal

If your man loves to write or doodle this could be the gift for them and it has a very subtle heart on the front, perfect for your anniversary.

You could always add your own messages into the journal or this could be the place to stick a paper copy of your first emails or your first text messages.

Or how about filling it with memories from your first year.

Lots of journals at Amazon.

How about these cute paper anniversary gifts?

Choosing the Gift

one year anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend or boyfriend

It is all very well sticking with paper but it is also a good idea to think about what your other half likes to do and likes! And can you imagine the delight if you can combine the two?

Ideas to get you started are;

  • Tickets to see their favorite group or sport.
  • A book on something you know they will love.
  • If they love romance then how about a photo of the two of you, or a print out of all of your first emails, or text messages? Go on, I bet you have kept lots! And now you know why!

One Year Anniversary Gift for Girlfriends

A girlfriend is special. You have been together for a year and it is just fitting that you give her a gift to show her how much she means to you.

Make the gift wonderful and not quite ordinary. You don't really have to buy her an expensive gift. Spending a day with her could prove to be a greater gift. There is something so fun about spending a day with just the two of you doing what you both love to do. A day of celebrations.

Here are some suggestions for a one year anniversary gifts for your girlfriend.

  • A Romantic Dinner. If you love to dine in style you could make a reservation at a fine dining restaurant in advance to ensure a good table. Choose a restaurant that has live soft-music, candle-lights and a romantic ambiance. This would be the kind of restaurant that you might expect to celebrate your 1st anniversary in but it doesn't have to be that way, go for a restaurant that makes you feel at ease not one that you spend the whole night wishing you were somewhere else! You can add to the romantic atmosphere by giving her a bouquet of her favorite flowers. You could even have a single stem waiting for her at the table.
  • Books to read. Give her a bunch of books all from her favorite authors. Look at her bookshelf and see what type of books she goes for or choose a travel book of a place that you both want to go. You could add a note to the front cover saying one day you would love to take her there to celebrate your anniversary.
  • Romantic Road Trip. Of course if you can afford more than just the travel book you could surprise your girlfriend with tickets for two for a short vacation. You can choose to go on a weekend road trip to places she has never visited. Cook for her. Be the man! Cook a special dinner for your girlfriend. Prepare your space for a romantic dinner for two. Cook her favorite dish. If you don't know how, learn to cook the dish. This will impress your girlfriend more. Have fun!

Anniversary Flowers are always appreciated and most girlfriends would also love chocolates as well! Or whatever their favorite candy is!

One Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriends

When choosing a gift for your boyfriend you want to find one that hits the right balance between something that they would love and a gift that shows your love. But not in a big way, unless your boyfriend loves romance.

Here are some one year anniversary gift ideas for a boyfriend.

  • Cook for him. We all know that for most guys food is quite an important part of their day! Cooking a great meal or cheating and ordering the best takeaway would be a great start to your anniversary celebrations! You could even add the paper theme by serving on paper plates and having your very own picnic.
  • Ball! Football, rugby, basketball, tennis, golf, bowling…your boyfriend most likely plays one kind of sports. A thoughtful gift is something related to his sports. If he plays golf, you can give him a glove or a box of golf balls. If he plays tennis, why not give him a tennis racket. If he is into watching football, baseball or basketball, why not buy him a season pass for the particular sport? Just be prepared to lose him most weekends while he goes to the game! Or you could always join him!
  • Techie Gadgets are always a good standard gift for a guy but they can be expensive so make sure it is something that you know they will want.

In the end, one year anniversary gifts for boyfriends and girlfriends can come in any form and price range but the gift of love and genuine care tops them all. Have a Happy Anniversary!

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