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Romantic Dinner Date Ideas For At Home

It's your Anniversary, which means it is the perfect time to celebrate

....and being at home means you can celebrate it any way you want to!

romantic dinner date ideas
  • A candle lit dinner for the two of you
  • A romantic movie
  • Or a really scary movie which you can cuddle up to
  • An indoor picnic
  • A glass of wine under the stars
  • Make a den and camp out at home
  • A favorite take out
  • Play silly games that you haven't played for ages
  • Dress up in your finest clothes
  • Sprinkle rose petals over your bed
  • Create your own spa in your bathroom
  • Make it an extra special evening by sending an invitation to your love, it could be a paper one, or even a text. It just makes the evening even more special,

Romantic Foods For Love

Most romantic dinner date ideas will involve food, but did you know that there are some foods that have aphrodisiac qualities. They would be a perfect addition to your night in.

  • Asparagus - In the 17th Century Nicholas Culpeper believed it "stirs up lust in man and woman"
asparagus - romantic dinner ideaAsparagus is a lusty vegetable
  • Almonds - were considered as fertility symbols and the smell also stirs up passion in females
  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Basil - the aroma has an aphrodisiac effect
  • Celery - I know, possibly the most un-glamorous food in the world but it has photoandrogens which are similar to testosterone which increases the sexual desire in women
  • Hot Chilies - increase circulation and stimulate your nerve endings
  • Chocolate - is the Queen of aphrodisiacs with phenylethylamine, also known as the love chemical
chocolate is an aphrodisiacChocolate is the Queen of Aphrodisiacs
  • Coffee - is a stimulant and increases your blood flow putting men and women in the mood for love
  • Figs - now this is a sexy looking fruit and the Greeks believed they helped with love and fertility.
  • Garlic - keeps your men strong
  • Honey - the sweet nectar of love, enhancing testosterone
  • Oysters - they have a big reputation and their high zinc content is meant to increase your libido
  • Pomegranates - they have antioxidants which protect the lining of blood vessels which increase sensitivity 
  • Red wine - boosts blood flow and improves circulation
  • Rocket - The Romans added it to love potions!
  • Salmon - omega 3 fatty acids keep hormone production at their peak
  • Vanilla - stimulates the nerve endings 
  • Watermelon - now there is a lot of science behind why this makes a good aphrodisiac which we won't go into but it helps blood vessels relax and you become more aroused in less time. Who knew that a watermelon was so sexy?!

What ever meal you decide to cook for your love make it an easy one! You really don't want to be stressed and spending hours in the kitchen when you could be having fun and chatting.

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